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Court Rules Lawsuit Against Soulbound Studios Must Conclude Before Taking the Fight to Xsolla

In the latest update from the Class Action for Chronicles of Elyria Discord, the court has ruled that in order to get to Xsolla, the payment processor that took payments outside of the Kickstarter Campaign, and refused to provide refunds, the Soulbound Studios class action lawsuit must first conclude.

SoulBound Studios Letter in Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit: 'Changing Direction Following a Business Reevaluation is Not Illegal.'

The ongoing lawsuit regarding the sudden shut down of Chronicles of Elyria received some additional information today in the form of letters from the laywers of Soulbound Studios and Xsolla.

Pre-Litigation Papers Have Been Filed in the Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit

The ongoing saga that is the lawsuit against Xsolla and SoulBound Studios over the abrupt shut down of Chronicles of Elyria has received an update. Here are the details.