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FFXIV Xbox Players Allegedly Banned for Free Company Advertising

It's been an interesting start to Final Fantasy XIV's life on Xbox, as players have been reporting bans for simply advertising their Free Company to recruit other players.

Throne and Liberty Sets Closed Beta For April 10th, Sign Ups Now Live

Throne and Liberty is gearing up for its first major test of the year, with a closed beta test announced for April 10th. Sign-ups are now live.

Final Fantasy XIV Has Finally Launched Today On Xbox Series Consoles

After a decade of PlayStation console exclusivity stretching back to the PlayStation 3, Final Fantasy XIV has finally launched on an Xbox platform.

Seasons 12-14 Details Revealed in Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event

The developers at Rare revealed some major changes coming to Sea of Thieves at its Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event earlier this week. The event laid out the studio's plans for the year across Seasons 12, 13, and 14.

Final Fantasy XIV Announces Convoluted Xbox-Specific Currency, FFXIV Coins

Final Fantasy XIV is finally making its way to Xbox in just a few more days, and with it comes a convoluted way to use the in-game store for those who play the game on the Xbox Series X/S console. 

Xbox Is Giving Away A Non-Functional Final Fantasy XIV Console

To celebrate Final Fantasy XIV finally coming over to Xbox in a week, Microsoft is giving away a one-of-a-kind Xbox Series X console outfitted for the MMO. Except it doesn't work.

Final Fantasy XIV is Launching on Xbox Series X|S on March 21st

Final Fantasy XIV will launch on Xbox on March 21st, as announced on today's Xbox Partner Showcase. Potential Xbox Warriors of Light only have just a couple more weeks until they can start (or continue) their journeys in Eorzea.

Final Fantasy 14 Launches Open Beta On Xbox Series X|S

Xbox players are finally able to jump into Eorzea with Final Fantasy XIV's open beta, which kicks off today. However, keep in mind this is meant for new accounts only - veteran players be warned.

Phil Spencer Says We Can Expect Future Activision Blizzard Games on Game Pass on Day One

Now that Microsoft has owned Activision Blizzard for months, Xbox' Phil Spencer says we will begin seeing day one Game Pass releases for new titles.

Diablo IV Is Coming To Xbox  Game Pass March 28th

Diablo IV is coming to Xbox Game Pass on March 28th, marking the first of the Activision Blizzard titles to make the migration to Xbox's subscription service since the acquisition last year.

Xbox Addresses Exclusivity As It States It Is Bringing Its Games To Other Platforms: 'No Fundamental Change'

After weeks of speculation, and in some cases panic, by Xbox faithful, Microsoft officially addressed the myriad leaks that Xbox would be bringing some first-party titles to rival platforms. And, it looks like those leaks were indeed true.

Report: Microsoft Looking At Bringing First-Party Xbox Titles To PlayStation, Including Starfield

Despite spending billions in acquisitions, it seems that many of the first-party titles exclusive to Xbox might be making their way to rival Sony's PlayStation 5, if new reports are to be believed.

Play the Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Open Beta Starting February 21st --But Only if You're New

The Final Fantasy XIV Xbox open beta finally has a date, and Square Enix and Microsoft have an odd requirement for participation.

Palworld Surpasses Another Mega Feat As The Biggest Third Party Launch on Game Pass

Palworld has captivated over 19 million players thus far, and it only appears to be growing day by day. The traction has been so great for the creature collector that it is now the biggest third-party launch on Gamepass in history. 

Phantom Abyss Launches Its 1.0 Update with a New Trailer

After over two years in Early Access, Phantom Abyss has finally launched with its 1.0 update.