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Shadowlands Season 4 Closing The Week of October 25th, So Get Those Final Accomplishments In

Shadowlands Season 4 is ending this month and World of Warcraft will prepare for Dragonflight next month. Details on the timing of the season's end are here, including on Mythic+ content.

Blizzard Brings Back Winds of Wisdom XP Bonus and Begins Another Round of Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum

As promised, Blizzard has brought back the Winds of Wisdom XP bonus, at least until Dragonflight's pre-patch is out. World of Warcraft has also begun another round of  the Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum event.

World of Warcraft's First-Ever Individual Esports Competition, Solo Shuffle Showdown Happens This Weekend

Solo Shuffle is getting a spotlight with its first-ever esports tournament this weekend. This is also World of Warcraft's first-ever tournament where players compete as individuals.

Blizzard Lets Us All Know What to Do Before It's Impossible After Dragonflight Launches

With Season 4 of Shadowlands going on now, Blizzard has released a new list of activities and rewards that will become difficult or even impossible to obtain once Dragonflight launches.

Blizzard Offering Free Shadowlands Base Edition to WoW Players With Any Prior Expansions on Their Accounts

Blizzard is trying to entice players back to World of Warcraft, or at least to Shadowlands before Dragonflight releases this fall. The company is offering a free Base Edition copy of the most recent expansion just in time to take part in Season 4.

Shadowlands Season 4 is Live, Closing a Chapter in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Season 4 opens to give players opportunities to get pieces they missed, complete sets, and earn gear before Dragonflight.

Cross-Faction Gameplay is Here, as World of Warcraft Update 9.2.5 is Live

World of Warcraft update 9.2 .5 is now live, and this update brings cross-faction gameplay where you can take on instances with members of the other faction, new questlines, progression tweaks, and The Enigma Crucible PvP Arena.

World of Warcraft Update 9.2.5 Will Bring Clearer Rules, Simpler Player Reporting and a Social Contract for All

Reporting unruly players will be easier, the rules clearer, under improvements coming in World of Warcraft update 9.2.5 as Blizzard works towards a friendlier Azeroth.

Shadowlands Update 9.2.5 is Coming May 31st to World of Warcraft

It's almost time to take on instances with members of the other faction, complete new quests for Blood Elf and Dark Iron Dwarves, and tackle a new PvP arena in World of Warcraft. Update 9.2.5 will be out on May 31st.

Arlee in Azeroth: Taking a Second Look at the Kyrian

Robin reconsiders the Kyrian after finally playing through 9.1 and the Kyrian Covenant campaign in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

WoW Dev Responds to Community Questions on Dragonflight PvP Concerns

With Dragonflight announced for World of Warcraft, the community has questions. One community council member asked about PvP in Dragonflight and a dev gave some answers.

Blizzard Announces April 19th World of Warcraft Expansion Announcement Details

Blizzard has announced some details on the schedule for April 19th's announcement of the next World of Warcraft expansion.

The Creation Catalyst Comes to World of Warcraft This Week to Let You Get Tier Set Pieces You Need

The Creation Catalyst, which lets you transform a gear piece into a tier set piece of equal level, makes its debut in World of Warcraft this week.

The Shadowmoon Faire Returns to World of Warcraft, With Quests, Rides, Loot, and Games With a Twist

World of Warcraft gets the returning Darkmoon Faire, which will be open for one week every month to offer games, rides, challenges, quests, and rewards to earn.

World of Warcraft's New Accessibility Fix Aims to Help With Grimrail Depot and Maw of Souls Motion Sickness

A new accessibility fix coming to World of Warcraft in 9.2.5 is aimed at help players avoid motion sickness in Grimrail Depot and Maw of Souls.