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Blizzard Explains Burning Crusade Classic Arena Matchmaking

In case you're confused about WoW Classic's Arena matchmaking for the recently released Burning Crusade Classic, don't worry. Blizzard has an explainer ready to go.

WoW PTR 9.1 Update Buffs Survival Hunters Again

World of Warcraft's 9.1 PTR has received another update, and yes, Survival Hunters are being buffed again. Several other update notes are also included. Here are the details.

Burning Crusade Classic Collectibles Available Now

New collectibles are now available for WoW Classic's recently released expansion, Burning Crusade Classic.

WoW Burning Crusade Classic Hotfix Adjusts Reagents, More

A hotfix for WoW Burning Crusade Classic was released recently and brings tons of small fixes and changes. Hopefully, these changes have made your experience a tad smoother. Here's what was introduced.

Burning Crusade Classic Launches Today

Rejoice, Horde and Alliance players alike, for Burning Crusade Classic is out today. Today's release brings the next expansion for WoW Classic after extensive testing on PTR. Here's what you can look forward to if you're jumping in.

These Are the Known Issues for Burning Crusade Classic Ahead of Next Week's Release

In case you somehow missed it, WoW Classic's next expansion, The Burning Crusade Classic, is set to release next week on June 1. But before you dive in, you might want to be aware of some known issues which Blizzard has handily outlined.

PSA: WoW Classic Auction House Reopens Tomorrow

Here's a quick PSA: the World of Warcraft Classic Auction House will reopen tomorrow after temporarily closing last week.

Some WoW Players Are Pretty Upset Over The Burning Crusade Classic's Character Clone Fee

With World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic fast approaching, some of the features (and their costs) are being made known to players to continue their journey into Outland. During the initial announcement on Thursday, Blizzard also detailed the cost for some of its convenience services, including a $35 fee to clone your character across both Classic and TBCC servers.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic Releasing June 1, Pre-Patch May 18

Blizzard has just announced the release date for World of Warcraft's long-anticipated Burning Crusade Classic. Mark down June 1 on your calendars.

Here Are Your WoW Chains of Domination PTR Patch Notes

In case you missed it, Blizzard published Chains of Domination PTR notes for World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion. These notes are pretty extensive and cover off classes, Covenants, PvP, and much, much more.

Blizzard's Omar Gonzalez Has Left The Company For Dreamhaven

This past weekend, Blizzard developer Omar Gonzalez was reported to have left the company, joining Dreamhaven. Gonzalez was pivotal in bringing WoW Classic to life, developing the first prototype of Classic.

The Burning Crusade Classic - Classic WoW Starts Its First Evolution

Robin checks out the upcoming Burning Crusade Classic, as Blizzard has opened up the beta last week. What is it like to be back in The Burning Crusade, all these years later?

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic's Beta Is Now Live

For those eagerly awaiting the beta of the first real expansion of World of Warcraft Classic, your wait is over. The Burning Crusade Classic's beta is now live, though you'll need to have been received an invite to join in the fun.

World of Warcraft Fresh Crusade Server PvP Event Scheduled March 14

The Dragonfang Fresh Crusade community-led World of Warcraft server isn't resting on its laurels. It's announced a new PvP event set to take place this coming Sunday, March 14.

World of Warcraft Patch 9.0.5 Out Today Bringing Valor to Mythic Keystone Dungeons

World of Warcraft's Patch 9.0.5 is out today in NA and brings with it several improvements to various systems, bug fixing, and the ability to earn Valor Points in Mythic Keystone dungeons.