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Wolcen's April Dev Update Shows Off UI Changes and Global Balancing Plans

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has come a long way from its official Steam release back in 2020. After introducing the Aegis of Stormfall update earlier this year, the team at WOLCEN Studio has continued to implement changes and fixes to make the game more enjoyable for their fans.

Wolcen's Next Content Patch Slated for Late October

The Wolcen team have shared when we can expect the next content patch for the ARPG.

Wolcen's Next Update is Arise and Revamps Summons

The Wolcen team have shared the trailer for their latest upcoming content update, titled Arise. Additionally, new patch notes were released recently bringing about some quality of life changes. Read on for more.

Wolcen Bloodstorm Patch Adds New Environments, Fixes Bugs

Wolcen Studio, the developers behind ARPG Wolcen, have released a new patch for Bloodstorm. This patch continues to improve dodge roll, while adding new environments, variants, big fixes, balancing changes, and much more.

Wolcen Announces Improvements to Dodgeroll and More

Wolcen is set to receive several improvements, not least of all to Dodgeroll.

Wolcen Patch Brings Balancing and Improvements

Balance tweaks and various improvements are abound in Wolcen patch

Wolcen Team Will Fix Issues Before Adding Features

The latest development update from Wolcen devs discuss their immediate focus of fixing issues before improving features.

Wolcen Hotfix Aims to Fix Tons of Bugs

A new hotfix for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, specifically hotfix, has released for the game and aims to squash a ton of bugs.

Wolcen's Hotfix Squashes A Lot of Bugs

A new hotfix for Wolcen has been released which aims to squash a vast swathe of bugs.

What's Up with Wolcen? A New Patch with Pets, New Skills and More!

This week Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem released their latest chronicle titled Bloodtrail which includes some major additions to the game, including Hunts, Chronicle rewards, Pets, new Active Skills Modifiers and much more.

Wolcen Patch Includes Last Tier of Uniques for Weapons and Shields

The latest Wolcen Patch is live and includes the last tier of Uniques for weapons and shields.

Wolcen Shares Known Issues

The Wolcen team have shared known issues as part of

Wolcen Studio Discusses Future of Wolcen

The Wolcen team has shared their plans for the future of the game.

Wolcen Patch Tackles Endgame and More

The latest Wolcen patch addresses UI, endgame, and more.

Wolcen Patch Includes a Lot of Bug Fixing

A host of patch notes for Wolcen outline removing the ability to change Unique items into legendary items.