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LotRO's Brawler Class Leaks Thanks To Dataminers - Here Are The Details

LotRO's first class to release since 2014's Beorning, the Brawler is getting some details thanks to new datamined leaks in the Middle-earth set MMO. The Brawler, which we all pretty much knew was going to be a hand-to-hand combat specialist, is broken down in a recent YouTube video from LotRO YouTuber Louey7.

Looks Like The Lord of the Rings Online's Wildwood Update Is 'On Target' To Release Next Week

It looks like The Lord of the Rings Online is on track to see a new zone hit the MMO next week, as the upcoming Update 29, also known as Wildwood, is "on track" to release next week.

LOTRO's Executive Producer Talks Gundabad, LI Revamp And More In New Producer's Letter

The Lord of the Rings Online's Executive Producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini just posted his most recent producers letter, and in ithe talks about the upcoming Gundabad expansion, update 30, as well as the much anticipated Legendary Item revamp.

The Lord of the Rings Online's Update 29 Is Live On The Bullroarer Test Server, Brings Mid-Level Content To MMO

In a departure from the usual end-game grind, Standing Stone Games' latest update to their mmo, The Lord of the Rings Online, will see mid-level players get some fresh content with Update 29.