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Indie MMO Spotlight: Another Ho-Hum Week

This week, Wild Terra 2 teases new content, Anvil Empires delays its Major Test, and BitCraft finally gives us a decent gameplay video.

Indie MMO Spotlight: 2024 Indie MMO News Begins

This week, Monsters & Memories (image above) gives an update on its development, the Wardens and Colonials go to war on Able, and Eternal Tombs teases its magic system.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Nick Talks Playtests

This week, our own Nick Shively shared his experiences with the Ember Sword and Ravendawn playtests, City of Titans shows off some of its updated zones, and Headstart access starts for Mad World.

Indie MMO Spotlight : A Relaxing Week In The Indieverse

This week, things were quiet compared to the last few weeks. There was still talk of upcoming Alpha and Beta tests, though, and a couple of MMOs are planning Twitch Drops in the coming weeks.

Indie MMO Spotlight: A Glorious Release

This week, Gloria Victis crosses the starting line, multiple MMOs announce test dates, and your favorite indie MMOs ask you to be their Valentine

Indie MMO Spotlight: Have A Merry X-mas, Indie Style

This week is all about holiday events, from the age-old battle between Santa Claus and Old Father Winter to Oryxmas 2022 in Realm of the Mad God.

Wild Terra 2 Getting a Free Weekend and Roadmap Update, With Full Launch on November 10th

Wild Terra 2: New Lands will release on November 10th, leaving early access with no server wipe. There's also a free weekend coming up this weekend and an updated roadmap laying out plans for 2022 into 2023.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Summer Events, Beta News, And Fishing!

This week, we found several summer events, one of my most anticipated titles gets some beta news, and fishing is still the most important feature for any MMO.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Smelting, Plague Island, And Toxic Communities

Happy Halloween everyone! This week's Spotlight isn't as big as the last few, but it's still quite the indie treat. Speaking of treats, it's time to go raid my kid's candy stash, so let's get started with the Indie MMO Spotlight.

Indie MMO Spotlight: The Power Of Advertising, A New War, And Squashing Bugs

The summer months of gaming can be a quiet time; apparently, indie developers didn't get the memo. Between MMOs that just launched and others with impending alphas and betas, there's been plenty to cover in the Indie MMO Spotlight. With temperatures soaring as we enter the dog days of summer, there's no better time than the present to check out some of the indie gems we have in this week's Spotlight.

Wild Terra 2 Releases on Steam Today

After a some time in early access, Wild Terra 2 is out today on Steam.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands, Releases New Trailer, Free Play Week Starting October 7th

Wild Terra 2 developer Juvty Worlds has signaled a new testing phase, marked by a release trailer for the update to version 2.0.242. The team has also earmarked the next character wipe, which will be 48 hours prior to launch this December.

Wild Terra 2 Community Update Outlines City, Agriculture

The Wild Terra 2 team posted a recent update on Steam discussing agriculture, Central City, and a new dungeon.

Wild Terra 2 Shares 2020 Roadmap

The Wild Terra 2 team has provided a roadmap which outlines what they have planned for the Summer, Fall, Winter, and throughout 2020.

Wild Terra 2 Free Play Starts June 9, Closed Beta Coming Soon

Good news if you've wanted to try out Wild Terra 2 prior till now and have not been able. Starting June 9, you'll be able to check it out for free for a limited time.