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UPDATE: LOTRO Update 28.1 Releases as Server Issues Affect Multiple Worlds

Server issues appear to be plaguing Lord of the Rings Online today as Update 28.1 releases.

Market Woes Plague LOTRO Since War of Three Peaks

Market purchases in Lord of the Rings Online have been affecting the MMO since the launch of War of Three Peaks.

LOTRO Brawler Class Confirmed, Not Coming to War of Three Peaks

In case this flew under your radar, Lord of the Rings Online Community Manager, Cordovan, confirmed the Brawler class, though we won't see it in War of the Three Peaks.

LOTRO's War of the Three Peaks Receives Raid, Instances, and More on Bullroarer

Standing Stone Games has provide notes for LOTRO's Update 28 including new details for War of the Three Peaks.

LOTRO Announces a 'Mini-Expansion Pack' With 3 Different Editions

Lord of the Rings Online has announced a "mini expansion pack" featuring three different editions of the game, plus boar mounts.