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Elder Scrolls Online's Waking Flame DLC Now Live On Console

The latest round of DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online has made it's way to console, bringing Waking Flame to all platforms as of today. The DLC is also accompanied by the Update 31 patch, which went live on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, bringing all versions of the game to parity this morning.

Elder Scrolls Online Year One Celebration Underway

The Year One celebration for Elder Scrolls Online is currently underway giving you more chances to win unique rewards and more.

Here Are Your Elder Scrolls Online Update 31 Patch Notes

Elder Scrolls Online received the Waking Flame DLC yesterday alongside Update 31. And now, patch notes have been published for those of you who love diving into the details.

Elder Scrolls Online Waking Flame DLC Out Today on PC, Mac, Stadia

The Waking Flame DLC for Elder Scrolls Online is out today on PC, Mac, and Stadia bringing two dungeons alongside Update 31.

Elder Scrolls Online Delays Update 31 And Waking Flame DLC On Consoles By A Week

ZeniMax Online Studios has delayed the release of its upcoming Update 31 and the Waking Flame DLC on consoles by a week, now releasing on September 8th. The PC, Mac and Stadia releases remain unchanged, still hitting the platforms on August 23rd.

Final Elder Scrolls PTS Patch Ahead of Waking Flame Brings Final Round of Fixes

In the final PTS patch ahead of this month's Waking Flame DLC launch on PC and Mac, Elder Scrolls Online brings additional fixes to prepare for the full DLC release.

Elder Scrolls Online PTS Patch 7.1.3 Fixes Waking Flames Dungeons and More

If you're currently checking out the PTS for Elder Scrolls Online, we've got some patch notes for you which may fix some annoying things with Waking Flame dungeons.

Elder Scrolls Online Previews New Dungeon - The Dread Cellar

Elder Scrolls Online wants to know, are you ready for prison? In the northern hills of Blackwood stands a dank and gloomy prison known as the Dread Cellar where only the most infamous prisoners are held. Now with mysterious energy emerging from the prison that was believed to be abandoned, what will you find?

Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Lucilla Caprenia Ahead of Waking Flame DLC

Zenimax Online have shared some additional information on their upcoming DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, called Waking Flame. This time, the team invites you to meet Lucilla Caprenia, an Imperial Battlemage who you'll meet during the DLC this fall.

ESO Live Will Preview Waking Flame Dungeon DLC

Zenimax Online Studios have announced their next Elder Scrolls Online live stream scheduled for this Friday, July 9. On this upcoming ESO Live, the team will preview the two new dungeons arriving as part of the Waking Flame DLC.