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Vendetta Online Update Address UI, NPCs, Station Docking

Several recent updates for Vendetta Online touched on UI updates, NPC behavior, and station docking. If you're currently playing, hopefully these updates continue to improve the experience, as the team has signaled they'd like to continue to address player suggestions.

Vendetta Online Patch Provides Updated Vulkan Renderer on Windows

The latest patch for Vendetta Online brings some improvements to both macOS and Windows. Here are the details.

Vendetta Online Now Supports M1 Macs

Good news, macOS users! If you've been waiting to play Vendetta Online on your new shiny M1-powered Mac, now you can.

Vendetta Online Receives New Capital Ship Remote Commands

In a recent newsletter, the Vendetta Online team outlined several new additions including new remote capital ship commands.

Vendetta Online Is Free to Play Now

Vendetta Online basically went free to play over this weekend as they latest patch rolled out.

Vendetta Online Is Completely Free Until June 1

In case you missed it, Vendetta Online is completely free until June 1. Here are the details.