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Valheim Coming To Game Pass PC, Microsoft Store Later This Month, Still No Release Date On Mistlands

Iron Gate announced today that its popular Viking survival game, Valheim, would be making the jump to Xbox Game Pass PC, as well as become available on the Microsoft Store. While the new way to access Valheim is sure to excite, there is still the matter of the Mistlands themselves, which are not quite ready for release according to a new blog post.

Valheim Patches Major Crashing Issue, Adds Automatic Backups and Safeguards for Corrupted Worlds

After a series of crash issues, the Valheim team has delivered a promised patch that fixes those issues and also adds automatic backups and additional safeguards.

Valheim Crash Fix Coming Soon, as Iron Gate Shares More Mistlands Teases

Iron Gate says that a fix for recent Valheim crash issues is coming soon and previews some more of work on The Mistlands.

Valheim Fixes Steam Cloud Updates to Stop Data Loss, Adds Midsummer Items, and Fixes Several Issues

Work continues on upcoming features in Valheim, but this week there's a new update that fixes Steam Cloud saves, fixes a few other issues, and adds some Midsummer-themed items so you can get festive.

Valheim is Coming to Microsoft Store This Year and Xbox Game Pass in Early 2023, With Full Cross-Play

Announced at the Xbox Bethesda Extended Showcase today, Valheim will be making its way to the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass this fall, followed by Xbox Game Pass in early 2023.

New Valheim Devblog Updates on the Mistlands, Shows New Animated Hare and Building Screenshots

Work on the Mistlands continues for Valheim, with Iron Gate providing a new brief update on just how things are going.

Valheim Celebrates 10 Million Players Since Its 2021 Early Access Launch, Talks Mistlands Update

Since its release last year in Early Access, Viking survival title Valheim has seen 10 million Vikings enter the afterlife. Developer Iron Gate Studio took a look back on the year, as well as gave players a look ahead towards the upcoming Mistlands update.

A Peek at Valheim's Mistlands Development, Confirms Steam Deck Verification, and More in a Devblog

Valheim is enjoying an active community and fully-focused development on the Mistlands update. Iron Gate has a new dev blog that updates just what the team has been upto, along with some peeks at what's to come.

10 Co-Op Games To Play When You Have MMO Burnout

While we consider the MMO the pinnacle of social gaming, not everyone wants to jump into one multiple times a week. Here is a list of co-op games you can play that strike a chord with MMO fans dealing with genre fatigue.

Valheim's Ice Caves Give Vikings More To Explore In Latest Update

Valheim's latest update brings frost caves to the survival game, giving those enjoying the Viking afterlife more to explore in the Mountains regions of the map.

Valheim Marks First Anniversary With Development Updates, Steam Deck Confirmation

Valheim marks a year since release, with the iron Gate team sharing a bit on where development is going, plans, and confirms Steam Deck support.

New World Makes It Onto Steam's Best Of 2021 Lists Alongside Valheim, Naraka and More

New World, despite its struggles, has made Steam's Best of 2021 list, thanks in large part to its incredible showing at launch back in September. The Amazon Game Studios title has made the top 10 of both the Top Selling games and Top New Releases of 2021 on Steam.

MMORPG.com's 2021 Game of the Year Awards

The end of 2021 is approaching, and while it's not been nearly as difficult as 2020 was, it was still rife with its own slew of issues. Thankfully there have been games to keep many of us sane over the past twelve months. The MMORPG staff put the vote to our favorite games, most anticipated, as well as biggest disappointments this year. Here are the results of our Best of 2021 Awards.

Valheim Closes Out 2021 With a Preview of the Work on The Mistlands and Mountains

The Valheim team is closing out 2021 with the last dev blog of the year. Work continues on the Mistlands and Mountains, and the team also had some surprises for everyone.

Player's Choice Awards 2021 Winners!

2021 has been an interesting year for games, especially MMORPGs. With so many expansion and full game releases this year, it's hard to narrow down everything into a few awards, but we definitely tried our best this year. We asked our readers to vote on the Best of Awards this year and over 2000 of you responded to lend your voice to our community awards. Here are the winners.