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V4's Reaper Class Arrives With Events and a New Skillbook System for All Classes

V4 just just got its biggest update of the year. Nexon's centerpiece is the new Reaper class, but the update also changes the way characters can skill up for all of its classes with two new systems.

Best Mobile MMOs To Try In 2021

There is an eclectic selection of MMORPGs available for mobile devices, and new MMOs seem to come out nearly every month for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, new MMOs are much more rare for PC. So what are the best mobile MMORPGs that you can play on the go while you wait for the next big MMO to come out?

V4 - Syllunas Beckons - An interview with NAT Games

Recently we had the chance to sit down with NAT Games to talk about their recently released Mobile/PC MMO Victory Four, or V4 for short.

V4 Review - Full MMO Experience In The Palm Of Your Hand?

EArlier this month, V4, short for Victory Four, brought what it promises to be a high-end MMO experience to the palm of your hand. How does it fare? Here is our review.

Cross-Platform MMORPG, V4, Out Now on Mobile and PC

V4, the cross-platform MMORPG from Nexon, is now available across mobile devices and PC.

Pre-Registration for Nexon MMORPG, V4, Available Now

Nexon has announced that pre-registration for its upcoming MMORPG, V4, is now available.

Mobile MMORPG V4 Launches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau

Mobile MMORPG, V4, has launched in Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.