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EVE Online Details Empire Frontiers' Story So Far And Dives Into New Upwell Hangar Redesign

EVE Online's Uprising expansion brought a lot of in-game emphasis on its Faction Warfare system. The renewed focus brought with it new narrative, which CCP Games has detailed a bit in a recent blog post. The company also dove into the latest visual update, the redesign of hangars.

EVE Online's Faction Warfare Revamp Is Already Producing Great Player Stories

EVE Online's Faction Warfare revamp is meant to shake up PvP in low sec systems, giving players more reasons to undock and fly against their fellow capsuleers. And one even last week shows that CCP's changes might be working, producing some great player stories.

EVE Online's Peak Concurrent Users Hits 30K For The First Time In A While Thanks To Uprising

EVE Online has a player base that, probably more than most, keeps an active track of its concurrent player count. In an MMO where players are the content, it's rather important to have people to fly with, so it's no wonder the community is celebrating the highest peak concurrent player count in at least a year.

EVE Online Launches Its Uprising Expansion, Bringing Expansive Changes To Faction Warfare

EVE Online's expansion, Uprising, has now officially been released, hitting New Eden and bringing fundamental changes to one of the MMO's game systems: faction warfare.

EVE Online's Turnur I Event Could Have Far Reaching Effects On New Eden

In the heart of every star system, there is, unsurprisingly, a star. This is as true in the virtual universe of EVE Online as it is in our own. Yesterday, one of those stars had a sudden surge of energy, causing devastating effects in the Turnur 1 system, the extent of which are still unknown.

EVE Online Holding Mass Test Today to Test Uprising's Heraldry Emblems on Server Performance

With the Uprising expansion on the way, EVE Online will hold a special mass test event today to test new corporation and alliance emblems in the new Heraldry system on the way.

EVE Online's Latest Update Adds New Ships, Narrative Event Ahead Of Uprising Expansion

EVE Online's latest update this week, Empire Frontiers, brings some much needed changes to New Eden, as well as the infusion of new ships to earn and fly.