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Sega Europe Lays Off 240, Relic Entertainment Goes Independent, Unionized Sega America Employees Get Contract

Sega Europe lays off 240, and sells Relic Entertainment to independent investor. Meanwhile, unionized Sega America employees get a contract deal.

About 600 Activision Blizzard QA Workers Unionize, Microsoft Recognizes the Union Under Labor Neutrality Policy

A group of Activision Blizzard QA workers has formed the single-biggest union under a studio, and Microsoft formally recognizes it.

Flying Wild Hog, Owned By Embracer Group, Has Unionized

Development studio Flying Wild Hog has unionized. Parent company Embracer Group has been one of many laying off employees in a rough time for the industry.

Activision Blizzard Is Ending Hybrid Work For Its QA Employees Meeting Pushback From ABK Union

Activision Blizzard is ending its hybrid work policy for its quality assurance teams, requiring in-office work for QA employees in El Segundo, Austin and Minneapolis. The ABK Workers Alliance has pushed back against this mandate, calling the move a "soft layoff."

Microsoft and ZeniMax Workers Union Reach Tentative, 'Human-Centered', Agreement Over AI Usage

Following a deal that will convert some contract employees to full time Microsoft employees, negotiations between Microsoft and ZeniMax Workers United have resulted in a new tentative agreement over the use of AI. 

Microsoft and ZeniMax Union Deal Grants Some Contract Workers Employee Status and Pay Raises

Microsoft is converting workers from ZeniMax Workers United from contract work into unionized employees. This affects 23 out of 77 workers in the group and means both access to benefits and a pay raise.

Microsoft Reiterates Commitment To Labor Neutrality Agreement With Communication Workers of America

Now that the deal to acquire Activision Blizzard is complete, Microsoft's Brad Smith has reiterated the company's commmitment to its 2022 labor neutrality agreement with the Communication Workers of America, which represents several industry unions.

A Group of Sega Employees Across Multiple Departments Has Chosen to Unionize

A group of employees at Sega of America have announced their intention to unionize.

UPDATED: Blizzard-Owned Proletariat Withdraws Request For Unionization Vote

Proletariat is dropping its request for a unionization vote under the National Labor Relations Board. The Activison-Blizzard owned studio initially declared the intent to unionize the full studio in December.

Proletariat Unionization Will Hold Anonymous Vote Via the NLRB, New Statement Released About Worker Talks

Unionization efforts for Proletariat will head to an anonymous vote after some workers may have felt pressured to participate. A new statement from the workers' group is optimistic about ongoing discussions.

UPDATED: Activision Blizzard Won't Recognize Proletariat Unionization, Sending Dispute to the NLRB

Activision Blizzard refuses to voluntarily recognize Proletariat unionization efforts, which will send the dispute over voter eligibility to the NLRB.

ZeniMax Workers United Votes to Unionize, With Microsoft Formally Recognizing Its First Union

Representing about 300 QA workers across ZeniMax Studios, ZeniMax Workers United has officially voted to unionize under the CWA. Microsoft has formally recognized this, its very first union.

[UPDATE] Proletariat Workers Organize To Create The Proletariat Workers Alliance, Ask To Be Voluntarily Recognized

Proletariat, Inc, the studio that made the spell-slinging Battle Royale Spellbreak and recently was acquired by Activision Blizzard, announced today that the workers have organized into a union and are asking for management to voluntarily recognize the union.

UPDATED: About 300 QA Workers at ZeniMax Studios Have Declared Intent to Unionize

About 300 QA workers at ZeniMax Studios have declared their intent to unionize. Microsoft, which owns the company, has vowed to remain neutral towards unionization and to recognize unions if employees vote for one.

Blizzard Albany QA Workers Have Voted to Unionize

Blizzard Albany QA workers have voted 14-0 in their unionization vote and will officially organize under Game Workers Alliance. This is the second Activision Blizzard QA team to officially vote to unionize.