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Blizzard Albany QA Testers Declare Intent to Unionize, Activision Blizzard Will Respond to the NLRB

QA testers at Blizzard Albany, which was known as Vicarious Visions until recently, have announced their intent to unionize, forming Game Workers Alliance Albany.

Microsoft and CWA Union Enter Agreement to Recognize Unionization, Including if Activision Blizzard Deal Closes

Microsoft has entered into a "labor neutrality agreement" with the Communications Workers of America, that will recognize employees' right to unionize and not get in their way. The terms will also apply to Activision Blizzard workers 60 days after that deal closes.

Activision Blizzard Will Begin the Process of Negotiation With Newly-Unionized Raven QA Employees

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has sent a memo stating that they will begin the process of negotiation with Raven Software's recently unionized employees.

Raven Software QA Group Votes To Unionize, Becomes First Major US Games Union

Staffers at Activision Blizzard studio Raven Software voted today to be recognized as a union, with the vote successfully carrying the day. As such, this marks the first major US games union to be formed at a major studio.

UPDATED: Raven Unionization Vote Count Today, As Activision Blizzard Accused by NLRB of Violating Worker Rights

The NLRB has found several violations by Activision Blizzard allegedly related to anti-unionization efforts, as the results of Raven Software's unionization vote could establish the first video game union after today's count.

NLRB Rules that Raven Software QA Workers Can Hold a Union Vote Next Month

After Activision Blizzard did not voluntarily recognize Game Workers Alliance's decision to unionize, the employees filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board, which decided in QA workers' favor today.

UPDATED: Activision Blizzard Makes US-Based QA Workers Full-Time Employees and Boosts Minimum Hourly Pay to $20

Activision Blizzard will make all temporary and contract QA workers full employees in July and boost minimum hourly pay to $20 this month.

Microsoft 'Will Honor' Activision Blizzard Employees' Decisions on Unionization, According to a New Report

Microsoft, which agreed to buy Activision Blizzard, has said it will honor that company's employees' decisions if they choose to unionize.

The NLRB Holds First Hearing Over Raven Software and Activision Blizzard Unionization Dispute

Who should be eligible to vote whether to unionize? Raven Software QA and Acivision Blizzard had their first hearing to determine whether just the original QA empployees that declared a union can vote for official recognition or if the whole company should qualify.

Activision Blizzard's SEC Filings on Microsoft Acquisition 'Misleading', So CWA Requests New SEC Investigation

When Activision Blizzard agreed to be acquired by Microsoft, the company's filings with the US SEC declared no knowledge of unionization or labor organizing or pending investigations or legal action. The Communications Workers of America wants the matter investigated.

UPDATED: Activision Blizzard Doesn't Voluntarily Recognize Union and Workers Are Taking Next Steps

Activision Blizzard missed a deadline to voluntarily recognize Raven Software workers' union, but the workers will file with the National Labor Relations Board for a union vote.

ABK Worker's Alliance Clarifies Strike Demands As Activision Blizzard Executive Sends Email To Workers Over Unionization Efforts

Activision Blizzard executive Brian Bulatao sent an email to staff just a day after reports starting coming out that unionization efforts had started at the company, stressing that the game publisher can fix its workplace culture without the need to unionize. However, ominously, the former Trump Administration official, cautioned employees to 'consider the consequences' of signing up with the Communications Worlds of America (CWA).

Activision Blizzard Employees Form ABK Workers Alliance, Submit Letter To Management Ahead Of Today's Earnings Call

Activision Blizzard's employees have formed a coalition of workers across the publisher's studios. The coalition, which calls itself the ABK Workers Alliance, is stepping up to organize the collective actions taken in response to the lawsuit allegations against Activision Blizzard late last month, specifically criticizing the lawfirm the gaming giant has chosen to audit the workplace.