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Everything We Know About Dimensional Ink's Marvel MMORPG

In the 2021 Q3 investor presentation from Enad Global 7, news regarding the Marvel MMORPG that has been under wraps for several years, prior to the purchase of Daybreak Games by EG7. Slated as part of their "longer-term goals" the unannounced Marvel MMORPG was listed as in-development by Dimensional Ink Studios. This isn't the first time we've heard about this Marvel MMORPG - so what do we know about it so far?

Amazon Game Studios is Hiring for a New Unannounced Game

John Smedley of Sony Online Entertainment and Daybreak fame, and more recently, head of Amazon Game Studios in San Diego, tweeted the news that AGS has quite a few positions open for an unannounced game. The game does not have anything to do with the current MMO in production, New World, which is set to release next year.