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These Are Your December Events for Ultima Online

December events for Ultima Online have been announced in a recent community newsletter.

Weather Seasons Coming to Ultima Online New Legacy

The most recent community newsletter for Ultima Online New Legacy points to some upcoming events and more.

Ultima Celebrates 23rd Anniversary By Announcing Ultima Online New Legacy

Ultima Online's 23rd Anniversary celebration is off with a bang, with Broadsword announcing Ultima Online: New Legacy.

Ultimate Online Patch Publish 109 Provides Update on Artisan Festival

The Artisan Festival will begin on December 1 of this year as Ultima Online's latest patch gives us a look into the future as the team outline Publish 109.

Playable Worlds MMORPG Info Coming Next Year

Raph Koster was a guest on a livestream on Monsters & Explosion's Twitch channel in which he comments on the state of his upcoming MMORPG, Playable Worlds.

Ultima Online Producer's Letter Shares Info About July's Publish 109 Update

Ultima Online's latest producer letter teases their Publish 109 update for July, in addition to hinting at the team's next project.

Ultima Online's Quest System Is Receiving an Overhaul

The quest system of Ultima Online is set to receive an overhaul according to a recent newsletter.

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