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Skull and Bones PlayStation Preorders Quietly Refunded After Delay, Still Available on PC

Preorders on the PlayStation Store for Skull and Bones were quietly refunded after the game was delayed again last week. PC preorders continue to be available as Ubisoft places the game in 2023-24 for now.

Skull and Bones Team Shares Update on Latest Delay and Premiere New The Deck Episode

The Skull and Bones team released a statement on the latest delay, explaining the need for more time and promising details on a new release date soon. They also premiered new footage today.

Report: Skull & Bones Could Be Out As Early As Fall 2022, New Leaked Footage Shows Combat, Social Hub

In new leaked footage of Ubisoft's long-maligned pirating sim, Skull & Bones, players eagerly awaiting anything on this game were treated to some combat, exploration and more. Additionally, Kotaku is reporting that, according to sources, we could be seeing the game ship as early as Fall 2022.