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EVE Online Celebrates Anniversary Of Pochven With New Scope Video

EVE Online the last few years has been a world of active war. And while that's true the majority of the time, this felt different with both a large-scale player war waging alongside a PvE generated one against the Triglavian Collective. And the last effects of that war, namely the new region of Pochven, are still being felt in New Eden.

Reminder, EVE Online's Propaganda Contest Ends Tomorrow

As a quick reminder, the Edencom vs Triglavians propaganda contest for EVE Online ends tomorrow.

EVE Online's Rolling Thunder Update Goes Live Tomorrow

EVE Online's latest update, Rolling Thunder, is set to go live tomorrow September 22. The new update will bring about a new balance pass for the new EDENCOM ship lines.

EVE Online - Triglavian Invasion Finale on the Horizon, Rewards at Stake

In an article on the official EVE Online site, CCP is reminding players that haven't joined in on the Triglavian Invasion and chosen their side, will miss out on some rewards. Whether you've chosen to stand with the Triglavians or EDENCOM, rewards for adequate tier standings for each faction will be given.

MMOSide Chat - Loss In MMOs

What do you get when you combine hubris and showing off to your nephew and angry NPCs in EVE Online? Pride cometh before the fall.

EVE Online Patch Notes Bring Several Fixes to Gameplay, UI

CCP has issued patch notes for EVE Online which touch on several fixes for gameplay, UI, and UI.

Proving Filaments Feature Hitting EVE Online's Abyssal Proving Grounds in Third Quadrant

EVE Online's Abyssal Proving Grounds is set to receive an update as part of the Third Quadrant set to release sometime in July.