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EVE Online's Wild Changes The Last Few Days Have Got Me Hooked Again

There are so many unknowns in EVE Online right now thanks to the events of the last few days. What do all the gate fluctuations mean long term for New Eden? How will capsuleers recover and regroup with the formation of TrigSec, or T-Space? Bradford dives into why he feels more excited than ever to undock and fly in EVE Online.

EVE Online - Stargate Fears Grow As Triglavians Send Ominous Message To Players

Capsuleers are at the tail end of the Triglavian Collective's invasion of New Eden in EVE Online, and capsuleers might have more things to worry about thanks to signs that the universe's stargate network might be less than stable.

Reminder, EVE Online's Propaganda Contest Ends Tomorrow

As a quick reminder, the Edencom vs Triglavians propaganda contest for EVE Online ends tomorrow.

EVE Online's Rolling Thunder Update Goes Live Tomorrow

EVE Online's latest update, Rolling Thunder, is set to go live tomorrow September 22. The new update will bring about a new balance pass for the new EDENCOM ship lines.

EVE Online Patch Fixes Issue When Viewing Wrecks

New patch notes for EVE Online are here, bringing about Version 18.08.

EVE Online Makes Changes To Triglavian Vessels In New Dreaded Collective Update

August 25 marks the date for a host of changes to Triglavian vessels arriving in EVE Online's Dreaded Collective update.

EVE Online Reminds Us of the Fleet Fight Notification Tool

Remember the Fleet Fight Notification Tool in EVE Online? Well, CCP is here to remind us all about it.

EVE Online Patch Notes Bring Several Fixes to Gameplay, UI

CCP has issued patch notes for EVE Online which touch on several fixes for gameplay, UI, and UI.

EVE Online Patch Beings Minor Tweaks To Triglavian Invasion

Recent patch notes for EVE Online point to some tweaks specific to the ongoing Triglavian invasion, and more.

MMOSide Chat: Has An Update Ever Really Sucked You Back Into An MMO?

With the current EVE Online Invasion happening, Bradford is sucked into the rabbit hole that is New Eden. Has there ever been a game update or in-game event that drew you back into your favorite game?

CCP Dives Into the Tech Behind EVE Online

In case you missed it, a recent EVE Online live stream looked at the tech behind the game.

It Looks Like EVE Online's Triglavian's Are Harvesting Stars

The latest EVE Online Scope video has brought us news of the fall of Raravoss.

EVE Online's Triglavian Invasion is Turning Hisec Systems into Lowsec

The new Triglavian Invasion in EVE Online is having quite the effect on the game.

EVE Online Live Stream Later Today Looks at Friendship Machine

Heads up Capsuleers, a new EVE Online live stream is set to take place at 7p UTC / 3p ET today.

EVE Online - Creating The Story Of New Eden

Recently we had the chance to sit down with EVE Online's Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason and Brand Manager Sæmundur Hermannsson about the unfolding story of EVE Online and how the team at CCP draws from a myriad sources to tell its tale.