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Tower of Fantasy's Next Major Update Coming Soon, With Major Evangelion Collaboration in 2024

Tower of Fantasy will get an Evangelion collaboration in 2024, with characters from the iconic anime to feature. On the way this month is version 3.5, "Winter's Electrifying Rhapsody" with a whole lot to keep you busy.

Tower of Fantasy 3.4 is Now on PlayStation, With Events, Twitch Drops, and New Simulacrum, Nan Yin

Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation has just gotten version 3.4, "Butterfly in the Abyss". This brings new simulacrum Nan Yin on her mysterious dark plot, expands Marshville, and more adjustments.

Tower of Fantasy Unveils Next Simulacrum, the Dark and Mysterious Nan Yin

Tower of Fantasy gets its next simulacrum on November 21st, and Nan Yin, who "controls the dead with her flute" just might be the darkest and layered yet. 

Tower of Fantasy Butterfly in the Abyss Sends Us Deeper info Marshville, Offering New Bosses, Mode, and Rewards

Tower of Fantasy 3.4, Butterfly in the Abyss, is coming on November 21st. Head further into Marshville, where the bitter winds blow, and even more dangers lurk.

Tower of Fantasy Adds Snowy Zone of Marshville, and Showcases Frost Simulacrum Ling Han

Tower of Fantasy has released a showcase for the next simulacrum, Ling Han and her weapon, Alabaster Tiger, both of which arrive in today's update, "A Sword Dance of Ice". PlayStation players also get Ling Han in a new update.

Tower of Fantasy Introduces Lin Han, the New Simulacrum Coming in Version 3.4 October 24th

Tower of Fantasy is gearing up for a new update, new zone, and a brand new simulacrum. Hotta Studio has a brand new trailer introducing Ling Han. All of this and there's a Halloween event too. 

 A Sword Dance of Ice - Tower of Fantasy 3.4 Adds New Story, Tough New Boss, and a Land Turned By Darkness

The next Tower of Fantasy update, "A Sword Dance of Ice", brings us to the most-severely affected place by the Darkness, with a formidable boss, and new zones and story. coming October 24th. 

Tower of Fantasy Adding Fei Se, Opening Reissues, and Starting New Events Tomorrow

A new simulacrum is on the way tomorrow in the next Tower of Fantasy update, which will bring Fei Se, fix some issues, and start some new events.

Tower of Fantasy Introduces Dancer, Secret Agent, and Flame Simulacrum, Fei Se

The next  simulacrum coming to Tower of Fantasy is Fei Se, a well-known dancer and a secret agent who gracefully wields flame powers using her lotus-shapedhttps://www.mmorpg.com/tower-of-fantasy weapon, Everlasting Bloom.

Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation Gets 3.2, the Dragon Grove, With New Map, Simulacrum, and Boss

Version 3.2, The Dragon Grove is live in Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation. The new map, Joltville, new simulacrum, Huang (and her weapon/companion, Azure Dragon), and events mark the new update.

New Simulacra Huang Unleashes the Green Dragon in Tower of Fantasy's Latest Preview of 3.2 The Dragon Grove

Tower of Fantasy is revealing some more details about its next big update, The Dragon Grove. Find out more about the upcoming simulacra, Huang, along with the new boss, new creatures, and more to explore.

Tower of Fantasy Takes Us on a Tour New Maps Coming in 3.2,  The Dragon Grove

Tower of Fantasy continues to tease its next big update, The Dragon Grove, with a new video taking us on a brief tour of the new maps coming in 3.2.

Tower of Fantasy 3.2 Update, The Dragon Grove, Gets a New Trailer and Details

Tower of Fantasy is preparing for its next update, version 3.2, The Dragon Grove. The update is coming September 5th, and there's a new trailer and new details for what's on the way.

Tower of Fantasy Continues Anniversary, and Starts Slate of New Events With Tomorrow's Update

Tower of Fantasy gets a new update tomorrow, starting a new slate of events, fixing some issues, and some more anniversary giveaways.

Tower of Fantasy Dev Letter Promises More Communication, Previews Lots of Upcoming Changes

The Tower of Fantasy team has a new letter to the community on the occasion of the first anniversary. The letter reflects on changes, promises more direct communication soon, and highlights some future changes on the way.