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Total War Saga: Troy Receives Mythos Expansion

The Mythos expansion for Total War Saga: Troy is out now allowing you to embrace the legends of Ancient Greece.

Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack Available Now in Total War Saga: Troy

The Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack is now available in Total War Saga: Troy. Here's what you need to know.

Total War Saga: TROY Receive Ajax & Diomedes on January 28

Mark your calendars for January 28 when the Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack launch for A Total War Story: Troy.

Next Week's Total War: Troy's 'Amazons' DLC Will Be Free to Keep Until October 8

A Total War Saga: Troy (check out our thoughts here), is set to receive an Amazons DLC next week on September 24. And it's yours free to keep until October 8.

Interview with a Developer - A Total War Saga: TROY

Last week, Garrick had the opportunity to attend a preview event for A Total War Saga: TROY, with the chance to interview one of the developers from Creative Assembly Sofia, the studio working on TROY.

A Total War Saga: TROY Gameplay Preview

Last week, Garrick was able to get hands on with the upcoming A Total War Saga: TROY being developed by Creative Assembly Sofia. So how does it handle?

What's New in A Total War Saga: TROY

Last week, Garrick had the pleasure of attending a presentation of A Total War Saga: TROY by developer Creative Assembly Sofia. In TROY, there are a lot of new mechanics and gameplay elements that have been tweaked in order to more realistically depict this historical period based on Homer's The Iliad.