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World of Titans Team Updates on Changes, New Logo, and Testing Phase Plans

After closing a demo and months of silence, the World of Titans team has an update on their plans, and just some of the changes they've made to the in-development MMO.

World of Titans Rises From the Ashes of TitanReach Under a New Developer

TitanReach is dead, long live World of Titans? After TitanReach development shut down after controversial blockchain plans, a new studio is working to use some of its ideas in a new MMORPG, World of Titans.

After Square Root Studios' Miserable Failure, TitanReach Finds a New Studio and Aims for a New Kickstarter

After the failure of TitanReach by Square Root Studios, a new studio has taken aim at revitalizing the brand. What is going on with TitanReach?

Indie MMO Spotlight: Reaching For NFTs

Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related so you don't have to. This week it seems that blockchain and NFT news is on the rise with two more developers mentioning a move to incorporate crypto into their MMOs. With funding always a major concern for smaller developers I guess it was only a matter of time. But hey, there's a lot of positive news to cover as well, so let's quit wasting time focusing on the negative and get started with this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.

TitanReach Suddenly Ends Development, NFTs and Crypto Were Goals For Its Future

TitanReach has shut down for good. Square Root Studios has also closed, with revealed plans for the game to heavily incorporate crypto and NFTs.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Crowdfunding, Lots Of Testing, And World War 85

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For many of us, the holiday week means an extended weekend. After you eat way more turkey than you should, you can spend the rest of your free time playing your favorite indie MMOs. Don't have a favorite indie MMO yet? Maybe you'll find one in this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.

TitanReach Shutting Off Servers, Pulling Back into Private Development

Last week we reported that TitanReach has found a wealthy backer that was able to provide enough funds for the team at Square Root Studios to return to development. In keeping with the plan that they unveiled in an interview on KiraTV last week, Sqrt will be returning the game into private development as they get back to work.

In Surprising Turn, TitanReach Has Been Fully Funded, Headed Back into Full Development

We reported in late August that TitanReach would no longer be able to continue development due to funding struggles. In an exciting turn, co-founder and developer Hayden 'Unravel' Dee posted some surprising news that TitanReach was able to secure no-strings-attached funding of the whole game.

TitanReach Suspends Development, Citing Funding Struggles

Indie MMO TitanReach, developed by Australian indie studio Square Root Studios, has paused devleopment on its game, citing a lack of funding as the reason. The studio states that despite opening up credit store last year, as well as the funding achieved through its community the last few months, its funds have 'dried up.'

TitanReach Latest Patch Brings Free to Play to Early Access - Available Now

If you've been following TItanReach's development and were waiting for your chance to get into the game, wait no longer. With the rollout of patch 0.4.3, you can get into Titanreach's early access for free, to assist Square Root Studios with finding bugs, and shaping the game for a better experience.

Indie MMO TitanReach's Early Access Will Be Free To Play, Backers Will Receive In-Game Items As Thank You For Purchasing

TitanReach, the upcoming indie MMORPG from Square Root Studios, announced today that their upcoming early access period will actually be free to play. Those who did purchase early access....access...will recevie some in-game loot and titles as a thank you as the MMO gears up for its eventual launch.

TitanReach Explains it All in First Q&A Session

The team behind TitanReach held their first subreddit showcase, which gave potential players the opportunity to hop in and ask questions about the upcoming "Open-World Fantasy Skilling MMORPG." The Q&A covered a lot of ground, from Square Root Studios' world design inspiration, to which items may be soulbound.

TitanReach is an Upcoming Social, Skill-Based MMORPG

TitanReach is an upcoming MMORPG from Square Root Studios. And the team hosted an FAQ of sorts over on the Reddit providing tons of details.

TitanReach Teases Improvements in Next Patch with Their Latest Development Blog

If you're a fan of "old-school" MMORPG's, then you may delight in TitanReach, a game focused on creating a re-imagined take on old-school MMORPG's. In the latest developer blog, Square Root Studios outlines the improvements that are headed to the game in the next patch.