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Tin HiFi P1 Max Review

The planar wars are on! The Tin HiFi P1 Max is the most affordable (and impressive?) yet. Is it the best budget planar IEM? Find out in our review.

TINHIFI T3 Plus Review

TINHIFI has a distinctive style but is taking a new approach with the T3 Plus. Coming in at $69, it's one of their best yet but is it worth buying over the competition?

Tin HiFi T5 IEM Review

Tin HiFi is a brand that made its name on delivering excellent sound for a competitively low price. The new Tin HiFi T5 comes in at $109 but does it impress in this crowded market? Find out in our review.

TIN HiFi Announces P2 Planar Magnetic IEM

TIN HiFi is full of surprises. Just when you think you have them pinned down, they come out with something unexpected. That's certainly the case here with the P2 planar magnetic IEMs. It's an ultra-premium package for the brand, delivering the rare-in-an-IEM planar magnetic driver in a stainless steel housing for $369 - or $339 if you pre-order.