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The RPG Files: The Waylanders Review

The Waylanders tells a tale steeped in Celtic myth and legend. But does the RPG do its interesting setting justice? Check out our review.

Feast Your Eyes on The Waylanders New Location, Compostella

The team behind The Waylanders have shared a trailer looking at a new location called Compostella. Here are some additional details.

Waylanders Update Brings Bug Fixes, Photo Mode, and More

A new update for The Waylanders has arrived, bringing with it several bug fixes and new features like photo mode.

Waylanders Update Due to Community Feedback, Improvements to Gameplay

The latest Waylanders update is based on community feedback, bringing about some improvements to combat and more.

The Waylanders Receives New Early Access Update, Plus Winter Roadmap

As Act 1 of The Waylanders comes to an end, the team has announced a new update to Early Access, in addition to sharing their winter roadmap.

Waylanders Receives New Companions, Quests, and More

If you've been enjoying Celtic RPG The Waylanders, you might be interested in the latest update which brings new companions, quests, and more.

The Waylanders Has Hit GOG's Games In Development Program

Celtic RPG, The Waylanders, was scheduled to GOG's Games in Development Program. Well, it's just done exactly that.

The Waylanders Hits GOG's Games In Development Program July 27

It looks Celtic RPG The Waylanders is heading to GOG's Games In Development program on July 27.

The Waylanders Early Access Impressions

I've gotten hands-on with The Waylanders during Early Access and have put nearly a dozen hours exploring the world of Galicia. So is this the next great RPG of our times, or should you hold off on The Waylanders? Here's our thoughts.

Roadmap for The Waylanders Looks at Story, Companions, More

A new roadmap for The Waylanders shares some information on story, companions, and more. Here are the details.

The Waylanders Releases Onto Steam Early Access Today

The Waylanders is set to release on Steam Early Access today.

New Waylanders Video Focuses on the Disgraced Heir

The Waylanders team shared a new video looking at a disgraced heir.

Upcoming Time Travelling RPG, The Waylanders, Shares Companions

Time Travelling RPG, The Waylanders, is headed to Steam Early Access in 2020.