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The Day Before Was Never Tested, Employees Worked For Free, One Found Out it Was an MMO From a Trailer

The Day Before came, failed, and is now dead. A new report details the mishandling of the game's development, from repeated, erratic overhauls, the infamous volunteer labor, fining employees for mistakes, and learning the game was an MMO from the trailers.

The Day Before Devs Blame Everyone But Themselves In A Now Deleted Rant For Game's Failure

In a now deleted Twitter rant from late last night, The Day Before devs Fntastic posted a rant on the platform seeking to pass the blame for the survival game's failures onto others, namely 'bloggers' who profited from its shut down.

The Day Before Devs Allegedly Creating A New Game After Previous Disaster

The developers of The Day Before, which is now known for its disastrous release, are apparently down but not out as they are said to be working on a new game.

The Day Before Devs Announce Late January Shutdown Of Game Servers

This year's most infamous video game, The Day Before, will see a timely and expected end on January 22nd, 2024. 

Indie MMO Spotlight: And It's Gone!

This week, The Day Before had the worst launch of all time, Eterspire released on Android (image above), and Once Human made a splash on Steam

Fntastic Responds To The Day Before Turmoil: 'Sh*t Happens'

From the first, The Day Before always felt a bit like snake oil, and after its disastrous release and subsequent studio closure, Fntastic hasn't exactly been forthcoming about the debacle. A recent response to a clearly upset fan isn't helping things, either.

7 Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Games That Are Better Than The Day Before

Mitch wants people to play good games, not bad ones. Since The Day Before came out and has been exactly what everyone predicted, here are 7 recommendations from Mitch to play instead if you want to scratch that zombie, post apocalyptic itch.

Fntastic Studio Shuts Down - The Day Before Had Over 50% Refunds, Devs Can't Afford Servers [UPDATE]

The saga of The Day Before has been put to rest? New developments have been speeding by at a mile a minute, and the developers at Fntastic have shut down the studio.

Indie MMO Spotlight: An Extraction Shooter?

This week, The Day Before disappoints, Christmas events start to pop up, and Palia is headed to the Switch.

In Predictable Fashion The Day Before Disappoints on Early Access Launch Day | MMOWTF | Opinion

Despite numerous delays and even a legal challenge, the developers at Fntastic persevered, and now that Early Access is live, the veil has dropped and we're now starting to see exactly what we expected.

After Multiple Delays, The Day Before Finally Arrives in Early Access Tomorrow - Will You Be Playing?

Tomorrow, after several delays, skepticism, and initial anticipation, players will finally be able to check out The Day Before when it opens in Early Access.  Will you be giving it a shot?

Indie MMO Spotlight: Four Days Before The Day Before

This week, boars meet their demise in an Eternal Tombs video (image above), multiple studios posted their monthly development updates.

The Day Before Announces Regional Launch Times For Its December 7th Release Date

Survival MMO The Day Before is fast approaching its new launch date of December 7th, with the team at Fntastic confirming when players can jump into the game in their respective regions.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Another One Bites The Dust

This week, Cinderstone Online (image above) shut down its servers, The Day Before takes another step into the land of the bizarre, and Ilysia entices you with improved graphics on the Quest 3.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Goodbye Gloria Victis, Hello The Day Before

This week, Gloria Victis waves goodbye, The Day Before returns to Steam, and Book of Travels (image above) celebrates two years in Early Access.