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Indie MMO Spotlight : A Relaxing Week In The Indieverse

This week, things were quiet compared to the last few weeks. There was still talk of upcoming Alpha and Beta tests, though, and a couple of MMOs are planning Twitch Drops in the coming weeks.

The Day Before's New Video Teases an In-Game Spa, Spurring More Questions

In the latest video for upcming survival game The Day Before, they teased an in-game spa, sparking curiosity among fans who are still questioning the actual state of the game.

The Day Before Devs Release Overview of Development Since 2019 to Change the Narrative

The Day Before developers Fntastic published a vlog today to discuss their development process since work began back in 2019.  But will it begin to reassure the skeptics about the zombie MMO?

In a Bid to Settle Player Unrest, The Day Before Team Plans a Development Progress Video

Fntastic, the developer behind The Day Before, has hit Twitter with a series of tweets and a promise to show players that the game is both real, and it is progressing smoothly.

Indie MMO Spotlight: A Glorious Release

This week, Gloria Victis crosses the starting line, multiple MMOs announce test dates, and your favorite indie MMOs ask you to be their Valentine

Indie MMO Spotlight: The Day That Was Underwhelming

This week, The Day Before tries to compete with The Last of Us by being the best drama in gaming, Fractured Online shuts down its servers as expected, and RamenVR states it will use AI to moderate chat.

The Day Before Releases 10-Minutes Of Gameplay To Lukewarm Fan Reaction

After hyping up their delayed 10-minute gameplay reveal, Fntastic finally released the long-awaited gameplay of its survival MMO The Day Before.

The Day Before Team Promises New Gameplay Footage is Coming Tomorrow

The recently-delayed (again) The Day Before, which devs planned to delay before being hit with a trademark claim, may be getting some promised gameplay footage tomorrow after all.

Indie MMO Spotlight: The Day That Never Comes

This week, The Day Before gets delisted from Steam, Gloria Victis announced a release date, and several MMOs celebrate their anniversary.

Opinion: The Day Before's Mismanagement Proved Long Ago They Would Never Deliver | MMOWTF

There have been obvious signs that Fntastic has mismanaged one of the most wishlisted games on Steam. It's time for Steven to switch on the WTF machine, and get into how The Day Before completely eradicated their fanbase.

Decision to Delay The Day Before Again Was Made Before Any Trademark Issue

Fntastic admits that delaying The Day Before to November was their plan even before trademark issue happened, but ask people to believe in their work until you see it.

The Day Before Delisted From Steam, Delayed Once More Over Trademark Claim

Another delay for The Day Before, as the team announced a new November release date after a trademark claim got the game delisted from Steam.

Indie MMO Spotlight: A Slow Start To 2023

This week, it appears that many studios are still nursing a New Years Eve hangover as things are still pretty quiet.

The Day Before Gets New DLSS Trailer Ahead of March 1st Launch

A new showcase trailer for The Day Before shows some of what we'll see from the open-world zombie survival MMO when it's out March 1st.

[UPDATE] The Day Before Devs FNTASTIC Are Looking for Volunteers to Help With Aspects of Development

Developer FNTASTIC, the studio behind the anticipated MMO The Day Before, has been calling for volunteers to work on the project in various capacities related to development.