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Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen Seasonal Testing Plan - Good, Bad, Or Does It Matter?

Kevin is a backer of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. As someone who will be testing the seasons in the coming weeks, he gives his thoughts on the community sentiment now that Seasons are live - as well as his own.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Kicks Off Its Seasons Over the Weekend, Allowing Perpetual MMO Testing

Pantheon's new Seasonal testing model launched over the weekend, opening the MMO up to perpetual testing for the first time.

Soulframe Welcomes Very Early Pre-Alpha Players Next Month and Shows Off Some Heavy Petting

During the Digital Extremes Twitch stream, the developers offered an exciting glimpse into the future of their next enormous MMO project, Soulframe.

The Quinfall Enters A New Chapter with a Call for Player Testing

The Quinfall, an indie fantasy MMORPG by Turkish studio Vawraek Technology, has recently took to their socials and Discord to request that players sign up for testing. Will you sign up?

Fractured Online's Server War Test Has Begun

Fractured Online's server war has kicked off today, bringing 12 days of endgame testing to the MMO.

Fractured Online Looks Back On Recent Stress Test And Announces First Server War

Fractured Online recently held its first public test since going offline earlier this year due to publisher issues, but the team is reflecting on the recent "relaunch pretest" as well as propping up its next major event: the first server war.

City of Titans Patch Adjusts Flight Based on Community Feedback

The City of Titans team pushed out a patch earlier with some improvements and fixes based on the feedback they received from the community. Here are some details.

PSA: Crowfall Launches Today

After a lengthy testing period and several patches to the game, Crowfall is finally launching today. Her'es what you need to know if you plan on diving into the MMORPG.

EVE Online Testing Nullification and Warp Core Stabilizer

Listen up, Capsuleers! Testing has started to EVE Online's nullification and warp core stabilizer gameplay. If you want to hop on Singularity, you'll be able to check out the changes for yourself.

Expect Your Ashes of Creation Progress to be Wiped Between Test Phases

Are you planning on being in the Ashes of Creation playtests? Well, you should expect your progress to be wiped between test sessions.

Ashes of Creation Character Stat Revamp Underway Before February Test

The Ashes of Creation team hosted a live stream yesterday which covered off a range of topics including a character stat revamp ahead of the February test.

These Are the Dates for Ashes of Creation Alpha One Testing

Ashes of Creation Creative Director, Steven Sharif, shared his letter to the community recently where the dates of Alpha One testing was shared.

Mining, Blacksmithing, More Coming to Fractured's Next Alpha Test

The Fractured team have shared what you can expect from their next test, called Alpha 2 - Test 4, featuring mining, blacksmithing, and more.

Crowfall Outlines The Awakening Update 5.115

The Crowfall team has provided an update on The Awakening, with alpha testing underway.

Upcoming Sandbox MMO 'Elteria Adventures' Hosting Open Alpha June 9 During Steam Game Festival

An upcoming sandbox MMO called Elteria Adventures has announced an open alpha starting on June 9 during the Steam Game Festival.