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New Crowfall TEST Patch Stops Your Equipment From Dropping

A new test patch for Crowfall is here and now stops your equipment from dropping. Yup.

Crowfall's Latest TEST Patch Brings Fixes for the Campaign

The newest TEST patch notes are here for Crowfall bringing about some changes and fixes to the campaign and more.

Crowfall Test Patch Adjusts Powers and Disciplines

The latest Crowfall test patch is here and brings further changes to powers and disciplines.

Crowfall's Latest Test Patch Adjusts Powers and More

The latest test patch notes for Crowfall are available, and they bring several adjustments for powers and more.

Performance Should Improve With The Latest Crowfall Patch

Crowfall received a new patch for its TEST build, with performance set to improve.

New Crowfall Test Patch Brings New Mount Visuals, Persistent Chests

Crowfall received a new patch for Test recently, adding mount visuals and persistent chests.