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TERA Console Crossplay Is Finally Live

For fans on console waiting eagerly for the crossplay patch for TERA, the wait is finally over as the MMO has finally patched the feature for Xbox and PlayStation players.

TERA Console Getting Cross Play with PS4 and Xbox on November 19

Good news for all you console TERA players. Cross play and a server merge are both set to arrive on November 19.

TERA Console Receives Roadmap, Elite Status Update in Light of En Masse Shutting Down

With news of En Masse Entertainment shutting down, many were wondering about the future of TERA Console. To that end, they have teamed up with Sarumonin for a roadmap of sorts.

TERA Console Sees Sweeping Changes to Awakened Skills

Awakened skills saw big changes in TERA Console earlier in the latest update.

TERA Consoles Reminds Us of Service Transfer and End of EMP Sales

TERA for console has issued a reminder of a transfer of service and the end of EMP sales. Here are the details.

TERA's Undying Update Arrives Tomorrow

In case you missed it, TERA's Undying Update is set to arrive tomorrow, September 8.

TERA Battle Arena Gameplay Overviewed

The recently announced Battle Arena for TERA has received an overview, providing some more information on what you can expect when you jump in.

TERA's Summerfest Is Live Now on PC and Console

TERA's Summerfest is officially live on both PC and console versions of the game through September 1.

TERA's New Awakening Update Live on Xbox One and PS4

The New Awakening update for TERA is live now on Xbox One and PS4.

TERA Console Receives New Apex Class Skills and New Dungeon on June 30

TERA console is launching the Awakening content update on June 30th, adding new skills, new quests, and a new dungeon.

Next TERA Console Expansion Now Live

The next TERA console expansion is now live. Here's the scoop

TERA Anniversary Arrives on Console, Includes One-Boss Dungeon and More

If you're a console player of TERA, meaning PS4 and Xbox One, you can take part in the second anniversary celebrations, going on now.