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TERA Consoles Reminds Us of Service Transfer and End of EMP Sales

TERA for console has issued a reminder of a transfer of service and the end of EMP sales. Here are the details.

TERA's Undying Update Arrives Tomorrow

In case you missed it, TERA's Undying Update is set to arrive tomorrow, September 8.

TERA Battle Arena - First Set of Heroes Revealed

TERA Battle Arena has introduced a set of heroes for the team-based battler. In addition to the reveal of the heroes that will be available when the game releases, Krafton has also released details on what abilities the new heroes will have access to.

TERA Battle Arena Gameplay Overviewed

The recently announced Battle Arena for TERA has received an overview, providing some more information on what you can expect when you jump in.

Team-Based Hero Battler 'TERA Battle Arena' Arriving This Fall

TERA Battle Arena, a team-based battle game with heroes, is set to arrive this fall.