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TERA's Lumikan Update Brings New Catalepticon Dungeon and New Boss

New content for TERA is here, including a brand new dungeon and boss. Here are the details.

TERA Patch 102 Brings Two New Instances, Gear, More

A new TERA path is here and brings two brand new instances to the game with new loot.

TERA Console Level Up Event Underway

There's a level up event underway for TERA Console running through March 25. So if you're worried about missing it, don't be. You'll have plenty of time to take part.

TERA Kicks Off 2021 With Several Events

January is set to bring a bunch of events to TERA including boosts, upgrades, and more.

MMO Reroll - Tera

Last month in MMO Reroll, Mitch took a trip back to the Dark Ages of gaming - the early 2000s - and gave the aptly named Dark Ages of Camelot a try. This month, it's TERA.

TERA Console Christmas and New Years Event Underway

TERA Console is currently hosting a Christmas and New Years event featuring dungeons and more.

TERA Console Hotfix Brings Bug Fixes, New Event

The latest v88.03 hotfix for TERA Console brings a round of bug fixes, a new event, and more.

Gameforge Games Receive Festive Free Updates This Month

Gameforge is announcing a host of free festive updates to a bunch of their games including Metin 2, NosTale, TERA, OGame, AION, and Elsword.

TERA Console Crossplay Is Finally Live

For fans on console waiting eagerly for the crossplay patch for TERA, the wait is finally over as the MMO has finally patched the feature for Xbox and PlayStation players.

Top 5 MMORPG Tanking Experiences

From FFXIV to Wildstar, tanking is a thankless job. Keeping enemies pinned often goes overlooked when heaping praise on the DPS or the healer after a battle. However, were celebrating the top 5 tanking experiences in MMOs for all those tanks out there that don't get the praise they deserve.

TERA Console Getting Cross Play with PS4 and Xbox on November 19

Good news for all you console TERA players. Cross play and a server merge are both set to arrive on November 19.

TERA Console Crossplay Coming This November

After Gameforge announced it would continue the support of TERA this year after En Masse Entertainment shut down, console fans might have reason to rejoice finally. Crossplay is coming to Xbox One and PS4, as well as support for the next gen consoles due out later this year.

Gameforge Has Acquired Publishing Rights for TERA in the Americas

Following the shut down of En Masse Entertainment and service end of life announcements, Gameforge has announced today that they are taking over publishing rights for TERA in the Americas.

TERA Console Receives Roadmap, Elite Status Update in Light of En Masse Shutting Down

With news of En Masse Entertainment shutting down, many were wondering about the future of TERA Console. To that end, they have teamed up with Sarumonin for a roadmap of sorts.

TERA Console Sees Sweeping Changes to Awakened Skills

Awakened skills saw big changes in TERA Console earlier in the latest update.