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TERA Console Crossplay Coming This November

After Gameforge announced it would continue the support of TERA this year after En Masse Entertainment shut down, console fans might have reason to rejoice finally. Crossplay is coming to Xbox One and PS4, as well as support for the next gen consoles due out later this year.

Gameforge Has Acquired Publishing Rights for TERA in the Americas

Following the shut down of En Masse Entertainment and service end of life announcements, Gameforge has announced today that they are taking over publishing rights for TERA in the Americas.

TERA Console Receives Roadmap, Elite Status Update in Light of En Masse Shutting Down

With news of En Masse Entertainment shutting down, many were wondering about the future of TERA Console. To that end, they have teamed up with Sarumonin for a roadmap of sorts.

TERA Console Sees Sweeping Changes to Awakened Skills

Awakened skills saw big changes in TERA Console earlier in the latest update.

TERA Consoles Reminds Us of Service Transfer and End of EMP Sales

TERA for console has issued a reminder of a transfer of service and the end of EMP sales. Here are the details.

TERA's Undying Update Arrives Tomorrow

In case you missed it, TERA's Undying Update is set to arrive tomorrow, September 8.

TERA's En Masse Entertainment Is Shutting Down

In a post on the studios' Facebook page, En Masse Entertainment has announced the studio after more than 11 years will be shuttering.

TERA: 64-Bit Platform Releases, New Dungeons for PC and Console

En Masse Entertainment has announced a new 64-Bit client upgrade for the PC version of TERA. In addition to the client upgrade, both the console and the PC versions of TERA will receive new dungeons.

TERA Battle Arena Gameplay Overviewed

The recently announced Battle Arena for TERA has received an overview, providing some more information on what you can expect when you jump in.

TERA Outlines 64-bit Client, Including System Requirements

Here is what you need to know for TERA's switch to their 64-bit client, including the update system requirements.

Team-Based Hero Battler 'TERA Battle Arena' Arriving This Fall

TERA Battle Arena, a team-based battle game with heroes, is set to arrive this fall.

TERA Migrating to 64-bit Client in August

In case you missed it, TERA is migrating from a 32-bit to a 64-bit client at the beginning of August. Here's what you need to know.

TERA's Summerfest Is Live Now on PC and Console

TERA's Summerfest is officially live on both PC and console versions of the game through September 1.

TERA's New Awakening Update Live on Xbox One and PS4

The New Awakening update for TERA is live now on Xbox One and PS4.

Crab Hunt Live in TERA Until June 30

The Crab Hunt event is live now in TERA through June 30.

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