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Once Human Gets a Release Date

Once Human is coming sooner than we may have thought.  Starry Studio has announced a release date.

Tarisland Reveals More Development Plans, From Female Paladin and Male Mage, to Better Rewards and Performance

The Tarisland team has another update on development, in particular with regards to player feedback and upcoming changes.

Tarisland Details Player Experience and Feature Improvements

Tarisland has a new developer update focusing on optimization efforts in the works for the basic player experience and peripheral system experiences ahead of the upcoming technical test.

Tarisland Opens Signups for a Global Technical Test This Month

Signups are open for a short global technical test in Tarisland this month, as all platforms (PC, iOS, and Android) will be supported.

Tarisland Expands PC and Mobile Pre-Registration and Reveals Gifts and Giveaways

Pre-registration has officially expanded for Tarisland on PC and mobile. Those interested in the fantasy cross-platform MMORPG can sign up and qualify for some gifts and surprises at launch. 

Tarisland Misty Forest Map Preview Showcases a New Eerie Location

The upcoming MMORPG Tarisland has given us a peek at one of the areas that will be available when the game launches. 

Cross-Platform MMORPG Tarisland Opens Pre-Registration on PC and Mobile

Upcoming MMORPG Tarisland has opened up pre-registration on both PC and mobile, marking a significant step towards its launch.

Tarisland Chinese Beta Has Begun, With Some Promised Improvements Already Included, As Team Gives a Peek

Tarisland has opened up its Chinese beta, and the team is sharing a few screenshots and details while we all wait for future global testing.

Tarisland Devs Show How They Created a Fully Cross-Platform Experience Without Sacrificing Quality

A new developer update video from the Tarisland team dives into how they've created a fully cross-platform PC/mobile experience without sacrificing quality.

Tencent Acquires Control of Swords of Legends Developer Wangyuan, Reportedly Working on New RPG Together

Tencent has acquired controlling ownership of Wangyuan Shengtang, the developer of the Swords of Legends series, including Swords of Legends Online.

Wizards of the Coast Denies Reports It's Looking To Sell Off D&D IP

Wizards of the Coast has now publicly denied reports that it is considering selling its Dungeons & Dragons IP.

Report: Tencent Looking To Acquire The Rights To Dungeons & Dragons From Hasbro

A new report has surfaced that makes it look like Hasbro is interested in shedding the Dungeons and Dragons IP, and one buyer that is reportedly lined up is Chinese juggernaut Tencent.

Tarisland Unveils Story Trailer With Gameplay Footage

Players fight for the balance and life of the world in the new video.

Tarisland Reveals Female Paladin in Progress, Updates on Removing Gender Lock, and Shares a New Lore Blog

The Tarisland team has a new lore blog and a new preview of the female Paladin, after previously agreeing to remove gender-locked classes.

Tarisland Devs Answer Community Questions, Address P2W, Balance, and Future Direction

The Tarisland team continue to reveal some of the steps they are taking to course correct following extensive player feedback during closed beta.