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AFUL Has Released Its Performer 5 Earphones and the Hype Is Real

It's turkey day here in the States, but that doesn't mean tech news stops! Today, we're sharing the news that AFUL Audio, a relatively new brand founded in 2018, has completed its years of R&D and has finally released its first product. It's a striking new earphone dubbed the Performer 5 and if early reports are to be believed, it's shaping up to really be something special.

RODE Upgrades a Classic and Launches the NT-USB+ Microphone

RODE announced its latest microphone today, upgrading one of its most classic entries for PC content creation, the NT-USB. The new microphone is dubbed the NT-USB+ and takes the design of the original to a new level. Complete with an upgraded condenser microphone capsule, the company's fresh and outstanding revolution preamp, and an internal digital signal processor (DSP) for broadcast quality vocal FX, it's a premier option for content creators that crave the portability and easy setup of USB. 

Outstanding Streaming Mic, the Earthworks ETHOS, Receives Massive, Very Welcome, Price Cut

The Earthworks ETHOS is one of the best broadcast microphones you can buy for streaming and content creation. We reviewed it earlier this year, and the single CON we named was its steep $699 price. As of today, that price has gone the way of the Dodo, and the ETHOS is officially available at $399 through the rest of this year or as long as supplies last. 

HELLOGANSS Launches HS75T RGB Mechanical Keyboards with Enthusiast Looks and Features

MechKeys reached out to share the news that HELLOGANSS is back with another keyboard, and it's out to impress with its looks and switches. The new HS75T RGB features an array of striking designs and includes two knobs for enhanced control over your media, RGB, and other programmable features. It also features Gateron's new Baby Kangeroo switches, which you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

New Vertagear 800 Series Gaming Chair Announced

The Vertagear 800 Series gaming chairs feature their patent-pending CountourMax and VertaAir Seats, available to preorder now.

Insta360 Launches New 4K Link Webcam, Aims To Dominate The Home Office

Insta360 has launched a new webcam aimed at dominating the home office, whether you're using it to live stream your gameplay or create the most efficient - and eye-catching - work-from-home setup.

HiFiGo Announces Collaboration with Z Reviews, LETSHUOER Z12 Up For Pre-Order

HiFiGo, a leading retailed for IEMs, headphones, and personal audio products, announced a new collaboration with Z Reviews this week. Together with LETSHUOER, the two have teamed up to revise the popular S12 we reviewed back in April. The new model changes both the look and sound of the earphones, promising to improve and already great listening experience.

JAMESDONKEY Releases Budget-friendly RS2 Gasket Mounted Keyboard

Courtesy of our friends over at MechKeys, we're received word that popular Chinese peripheral brand, JAMESDONKEY has released its latest mechanical keyboard, and it may just be its best yet. The new RS2 features a compact full-size layout, gasket mounting, PBT keycaps, and more for only $79.

Razer Announces the Enki Pro - The Premium Successor to its All-Day Gaming Chair Line-up

Built on the success of the Enki, Razer announced that it will be releasing the Enki Pro - the ultimate edition of its chair built for all-day gaming sessions. Here is what we know so far.

Rode Unveils the Rodecaster Pro II

Rode Microphones just unveiled its latest all-in-one audio solution for gamers, podcasters, and creators. It's the Rodecaster Pro II and it may just be game-changing.

NZXT Announces H1 Case Refresh

NZXT has announced a refresh on their H1 PC case! Complete with AiO cooler as well as upgrade PSU and PCIe riser cable, the H1 V2.

See Audio Reveals Collaboration with Community All-Star: See Audio X Crinacle Yume: Midnight Revealed

See Audio released on of our favorite earphones of the year with the See Audio Yume. It's been nearly ten months since that release, but the company is returning to the Yume again, this time with the help of community all-star, Crinacle of In-Ear Fidelity. The IEM has been re-tuned and upgraded to be "more resolving, better extended, wider-sounding, [and] more dynamic." In other words, the Midnight makes the Yume better than ever and will be sold exclusively through HiFiGo.

Mode Designs' Announces "The New Eighty" Custom Keyboard, Unlocks Preorders

Mode Designs, one of the most respected brands in the custom keyboard industry, has announced the latest version of its Eighty, high-end TKL keyboard kit. Featuring two different mounting methods, multiple plates, color options, and layouts, and the best online configurator in the business, allowing you to see exactly what your keyboard will look like before committing to buy. Preorders are open now and keyboards will begin shipping in March.

AnyCubic Announces Black Friday Sales on 3D Printers

Have you been toying with the idea of getting a 3D printer? Don't miss these sales from AnyCubic.

Victrix Launches Fastest Xbox Controller And New Tournament-Grade Headset

Victrix, while only a few years old now, is known throughout the esports community as a company that excels at tournament grade, high-performing products. In that spirit, the San Diego-based company has launched two new products: the Gambit Dual Core Tournament Xbox Controller as well as a new wireless headset.