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Preview The Elder Scrolls Online's New Tales of Tribute Deck, and Patron, the Druid King

There's a new preview of The Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming Tales of Tribute Druid King deck, patron powers, and a new mechanic on the way.

ESO's Tales of Tribute Minigame - Checking Out The New MMO Tavern Game

Tales of Tribute takes theorycrafting deck building and puts it into play. It's a matter of foresight and planning (and a little luck) that separates the novices from the experts.

The Elder Scrolls Online Reveals High Isle Chapter, Coming This June

The Elder Scrolls Online's next chapter explores one of the lesser talked about races of Tamriel, the Bretons. Heading to a new location not seen in any Elder Scrolls game in the past, the next chapter titled High Isle takes the MMO's storytelling back to its own roots.