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SWTOR Details Update 7.4.1 In Latest Stream, Brings Date Nights To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The next major game update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is almost upon us, as update 7.4.1 was detailed on a recent Twitch live stream. Additionally, a new Date Night feature is being added to give even more narrative flair to the MMO.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Sports Two In-Game Events This Month

Star Wars: The Old Republic will have two different in-game events this month, including one that will put players up against an overtly powerful foe to test their mettle. 

SWTOR Chains in the Dark: The Five Biggest Things We Are Looking Forward To

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Public Test Servers are now live following the recent developer livestream, and if you want to check out some of the new content that will arrive in update 7.4, you can participate in the test right now. Here are five of the biggest things we're looking forward to in the update.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's 7.4 Story Is Called 'Chains In The Dark,' Bringing New Bosses, Landing Zone And More

Today, the Star Wars: The Old Republic team unveiled the next chapter in the story told a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Update 7.4, called "Chains in the Dark" will take players back to some familiar stomping grounds.

Galactic Season Missions Are Reward Track Unlocks, as Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.3.1 Goes Live

Galactic Season 5 begins in Star Wars: The Old Republic with the arrival of update 7.3.1. The new season features a few big changes, and the update also brings map improvements, balance changes, fixes, and Ahsoka and Thrawn-inspired armor sets.

SWTOR To Begin Server Move to the Cloud Next Week, and Update 7.3.1 Will Begin a Changed Galactic Season 5

Next week, Star Wars: The Old Republic will begin moving servers to the cloud, starting with Leviathan. The team also revealed Update 7.3.1, which begins a new Galactic Season with story progression added into the rewards track.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Begins PvP Season 3 With Less-Grindy Arena Missions, Point Overhauls

Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP Season 3, "Reign of Glory", has begun, bringing some adjustments and changes to competition. 

Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Releasing 7.3 'Old Wounds' On June 13th

Star Wars: The Old Republic is trucking on like business as usual as the MMO announced this week that its upcoming 7.3 update, "Old Wounds" launches next week on June 13th.

UPDATED: EA is Reportedly Moving Star Wars: The Old Republic Development From BioWare to Third-Party Studio

According to a new report, development on Star Wars: The Old Republic may be moved from BioWare to a new studio in order to free up BioWare to work on Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

The List: 10 Of The Most Unique Classes In MMORPGs

Many MMORPGs make use of classes that are tried and true like mages, warriors, and paladins. While there's nothing wrong with going with the usual archetypes considering how deep build-crafting can be in a lot of MMOs, some games stand out with their unique classes that offer a fresh gameplay experience. Here are our picks for the ten of the most unique classes in MMORPGs.

The List: 10 Best Sci-Fi MMOs To Play In 2024

MMOs are not lacking in space-themed adventures, but a few continue to stand out above the rest as worthy of your time and money. These are the 10 best sci-fi themed MMOs to pick up in the coming year. 

Showdown on Ruhnuk, SWTOR Update 7.2, is Live With New Planet, New Story, PvP Revamp, and More

Showdown on Ruhnuk, Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest update is live with a new planet, Ruhnuk, new story content, including the hunt for Heta Kol and her band of Mandalorians. There are also changes to PvP, a new Daily Area, some gearing changes, and Life Day celebrations.

Update 7.2 Bringing a New Planet, New Story Content, a PvP Overhaul, and More to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Update 7.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic will introduce a brand new planet, new story content (including some Mandalorians), additional focus on several characters, overhauled PvP, and more.

SWTOR Team Details 7.1, New Story, R-4 Anomaly Operation, Manaan Daily Area, Raised Item Levels, and More

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team detailed update 7.1 in a new livestream. Expect more story, the R-4 Anomaly operation, the Manaan Daily Area and how you could influence it, increased item levels, the return of mods, and more.

Creative Director Charles Boyd Leaves SWTOR, Team Shifts and Promotions Ahead of 7.1 on August 2nd

There are some changes over at Star Wars: The Old Republic. Creative Director Charles Boyd is leaving, and some shifts and promotions happening ahead of 7.1, which is out on August 2nd.