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Update 7.2 Bringing a New Planet, New Story Content, a PvP Overhaul, and More to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Update 7.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic will introduce a brand new planet, new story content (including some Mandalorians), additional focus on several characters, overhauled PvP, and more.

SWTOR Team Details 7.1, New Story, R-4 Anomaly Operation, Manaan Daily Area, Raised Item Levels, and More

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team detailed update 7.1 in a new livestream. Expect more story, the R-4 Anomaly operation, the Manaan Daily Area and how you could influence it, increased item levels, the return of mods, and more.

Creative Director Charles Boyd Leaves SWTOR, Team Shifts and Promotions Ahead of 7.1 on August 2nd

There are some changes over at Star Wars: The Old Republic. Creative Director Charles Boyd is leaving, and some shifts and promotions happening ahead of 7.1, which is out on August 2nd.

SWTOR Update 7.0.1 is Live, Brings Mission Availability and Balance Changes, Rewards and GTN issues Reported

Update 7.0.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic brings many promised updates to mission availability, balance changes, accessibility tweaks, and more. But a couple new issues have been reported.

SWTOR's Chris Schmidt Breaks Down Context of Big Changes Based on Player Feedback Starting in 7.01

Design Director Chris Schmidt has written an update to the Star Wars: The Old Republic community to break down all of the details of fixes and changes coming based on player feedback to 7.0 changes,

SWTOR - Combat Styles Shine Bright In Legacy Of The Sith Expansion

Last month's anticipated expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic was received with less than favorable fanfare. Legacy of the Sith was released with issues that plagued the experience, but one that rose above the rest was the new Combat Styles. Scott takes a look at the feature in his latest.

SWTOR's Keith Kanneg Talks What BioWare is Doing Post 7.0, With Major Fixes Coming This Month

SWTOR director Keith Kanneg posted a community update on feedback and work that is following 7.0's less than smooth launch.

Devs Still Want Your Legacy of the Sith PTS Feedback for Star Wars: The Old Republic

With Legacy of the Sith coming in just under a month, the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS is still running to test many of the overhauled systems, story, and new features coming

BioWare's Studio Retrospective Gives Update On Hiring Policy Changes, Regaining Fans' Trust

In a legnthy post on the BioWare Blog, studio general manager Gary McKay took a look back on 2021 and its set of challenges, as well as talked about the future of what BioWare will look like, especially as it looks to hiring new talent to help make its next games. McKay also touched on the need to build back fan and community trust after the hardships that 2021 brought on.

Interview: Star Wars The Old Republic's Legacy Of The Sith Is Out December 14th

Ten years of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Ten years of storytelling that is continuing with its latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith, which will release on December 14th, 2021. We sat down with the team to talk about how they see this expansion and where things go from here, as well as the longevity of the MMO.

Test Veteran Mode for the Elom Flashpoint on the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS

Star Wars: The Old Republic opens the Veteran mode of the Elom Flashpoint on the PTS to test. This addition uses the update 7.0 format for Flashpoints.

Is There An MMORPG Cinematic That Really Caught Your Interest?

Cinematics are integral parts of marketing across the games industry - and really the entertainment world. Game cinematics are oftentimes rightfully criticized for not being indicative of gameplay, but they can set the stage for the stories the MMORPG is meant to tell. Is there a cinematic that not only stood out to you, but rather got you interested in starting a new MMO?

Top 10 MMO Soundtracks To Listen To When You Can't Be In-Game

Soundtracks can help make or break any game, MMORPGs included. When I think of my favorite moments from any game I've ever played, music is a huge part of those memories. From the rousing iconic melody in The Elder Scrolls Online's main theme to the electronica soundscapes of EVE Online, soundtracks can help set mood and tell a story. Over the history of MMORPGs, many games have sought to create iconic themes and sounds to stand the test of time. Here are 10 of our favorite soundtracks from MMOs

Combat Styles Coming To Star Wars The Old Republic

Combat styles are coming with its upcoming content update, Legacy of the Sith, bringing a new way for Star Wars The Old Republic players to further customize and role-play their characters in the BioWare MMORPG.

Legacy of the Sith is SWTOR's Next Expansion and It's Out This Holiday

Star Wars The Old Republic is getting another expansion in Legacy of the Sith headed to the MMORPG this holiday. This expansion will also begin SWTOR's 10th anniversary celebration set to run through 2022.