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Is There A Shuttered MMO You'd Like To Bring Back As A Remake?

We see emulated servers bring back old MMOs as they stood when they were active all the time. Yet these time capsules bringing old games to life may not necessarily attract new players to discover what made them so great. Is there an old, shuttered MMORPG that you'd love to see be brought back to life, but not as a revived version of the old, but a remade version anew?

How Do You Feel About MMO Emulation Servers?

As more and more MMOs were pulled throughout the years for myriad reasons, some players simply did not want to leave the worlds they came to love. Thus emulation servers were born. But it's a iffy subject with murky legal status. How do you feel about MMO emulation servers? Should they remain, do you think they do harm to the genre, or do you think they should be shut down?

Luxury Yacht, PVE Arena And Upper Atomosphere Space Zone Coming With SWG Legends Bespin Expansion

Bespin, The City in the Clouds launches in SWG Legends next Tuesday, and the team released a trailer today showing off some of the features players should expect when traveling to the area. Some of the features include new vehicles, a PVE arena and a luxury yacht.

SWG Legends Sets Date For Its Long-Awaited Bespin Expansion, Coming May 4th

Star Wars Galaxies Legends has finally set the date players can take part in its Bespin expansion. Called City in the Clouds, SWG Legends players will be able to visit it on a rather important date for Star Wars fans: May the Fourth.

SWG: Legends Is Hosting A Pet Versus Pet Event This Month In The Creature Clash

SWG: Legends is hosting their next Beast Master event, called The Creature Clash, this month. This event will feature pet vs pet contests only, seeing BMs go head to head in a single-round elimination tournament to see which Beast Master is best.

SWG Legends Celebrates Its Anniversary With Double XP Weekend

The fan-run Star Wars Galaxies server, SWG Legends, is hosting it's fifth birthday celebration, giving players double XP over this weekend as a thank you for sticking with the rogue server.