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Valheim Has Sold 2 Million Copies In Just 13 Days

Valheim has sold over 2 million copies since launching in Steam Early Access on February 2nd, according to developer Iron Gate Studio. The team made the announcement on its Steam page, thanking players for the support.

Valheim Bug Is Destroying Worlds, Though It's Pretty Rare To Encounter

If you've been playing Valheim, you might want to back up your files, just in case. A bug is running wild in the survival sim, and while the team states it's pretty rare, you might want to take precautions on how to fix your game should you run into the World Destroyer.

Valheim PC Impressions: Surviving The Afterlife

With a love-hate relationship with Survival games, Bradford tackles the World Tree in Valheim. Turns out it's good. Real good.

Viking-Themed Survival Game Valheim Makes Its Way To Early Access

Viking-themed survival game Valheim has made its way to Early Access this week, bringing a bit of Norse flavor to the genre.

Medieval Dynasty - Early Access Impressions

Toplitz Games' Medieval Dynasty strolled into Early Access last month, and Ed believes it might have a bright future ahead of it. Check out Ed's thoughts in our impressions of the newly released into Early Access survival sim.

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