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Vampire Survival Game V Rising Is Leaving Early Access On May 8th

A dev update was posted earlier this month about V Rising leaving Early Access on May 8th, but the developers have mentioned a few other noteworthy things for players to be excited about. 

New Nightingale Roadmap Outlines Short and Medium Term Goals, Like Stability Improvements and Offline Mode

A new Nightingale roadmap details some of what we'll see in the short term (like performance improvements and auto storage stacking) and medium term features (like offline mode and better enemy AI).

How Many Players Does Sons of the Forest Support?

If you're diving into the latest update for Sons of the Forest and wondering how many players can be in a server, here's everything you need to know.

Nightingale Hands-On Preview - Walking The Realms, Mary Poppins Style

Survival games are a dime a dozen nowadays, so one has to do some pretty unique things to set oneself apart. Ever since I first saw the Mary Poppins-esque umbrella flight in Nightingale's previews and trailers, this Gaslamp Fantasy survival MOG has stuck in my mind.

Palworld Surpasses Another Mega Feat As The Biggest Third Party Launch on Game Pass

Palworld has captivated over 19 million players thus far, and it only appears to be growing day by day. The traction has been so great for the creature collector that it is now the biggest third-party launch on Gamepass in history. 

Palworld Counts 19 Million Players Since Its Early Access Launch Across Steam And Xbox

Palworld just keeps chugging along with its successes, and Pocket Pair is now showcasing just how many players have hopped into the creature collecting game since launch.

Enshrouded Has Surpassed A Million Players Since Its Early Access Launch

Since launching into Early Access last week, Keen Games' survival game, Enshrouded, has surpassed a million players.

Dune: Awakening Gives a Peek At Base Building on Arrakis

The Dune: Awakening team is revealing more peeks at  the upcoming survival MMO based on the classic sci-fi franchise. This time, a short look at base building on Arrakis.

Palworld Sells Over 8 Million Copies in a Mere 6 Days

Pocket Pair, the developers of Palworld, have announced that their new survival creature collector has sold over eight million copies in just six days since release. 

Valheim Dev Blog Discusses New Ashlands Update and More

The developers of Valheim have posted a new Dev Blog discussing a timeline on the new Ashlands update release, as well as a few more interesting tidbits that will be heading down the pipeline soon. 

Enshrouded Early Access Review In Progress

Enshrouded has been on our radar ever since it was first announced. Launching into early access today, how does the survival MMO stack up? Check out our review in progress.

Palworld Launches Into Early Access Today, With Devs Saying It Has Sold A Million Copies In Just 8 Hours

Palworld, affectionately known as Pokemon with Guns, has officially launched into Early Access today, taking PC and Xbox by storm.

Fallout 76 Hits 17 Million Players In Five Years, Talks 2024 Plans In New Blog

After celebrating its fifth anniversary, Bethesda revealed that the survival MMO now boasts over 17 million players. The developers at Bethesda have stated there is even more to come for Fallout 76 in 2024. 

Once Human Impressions - Fallout 76 Meets The Secret World in This Awesome Upcoming Survival MMO

Once Human by Starry Studio and published by NetEase Games melds survival features into a wildly enjoyable experience. Here's our in-depth impressions.

The Day Before Announces Regional Launch Times For Its December 7th Release Date

Survival MMO The Day Before is fast approaching its new launch date of December 7th, with the team at Fntastic confirming when players can jump into the game in their respective regions.