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Red's Read on Conan Exiles Crafting And Survival

Conan Exiles has had its crafting tree updated. Red Thomas logs in to explore how the game has changed and whether or not this is something that players should be excited about. Have you really been itching to get your crafting/survival on? Red's thoughts might help guide your next steps.

Red's Read On Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah

Conan Exiles is a game that Red Thomas has bragged on many times. Their new Isle of Siptah expansion has not released without problems, though. Red takes readers through some of the issues he had playing the new expansion and offers some troubleshooting and work-around advice.

Survival MMO SamuTale is Free to Play Until October 15

SamuTale, the survival sandbox MMO, is going free to play until October 15 as it celebrates its fourth birthday in Early Access.

Last Oasis Adds Part 2 Of Volcanic Update, Maps Out Future 2020 Plans

In a blog post on the official Steam Community page, Last Oasis developer Donkey Crew detailed the second part of its Volcanic update, as well as answered some questions regarding the survival nomadic-MMO's future.

New World Announces Closed Beta Date, Coming July 23rd

New World announced its closed beta date during the PC Gaming Show today. Coming July 23rd, players who pre-order New World now will gain access to the closed beta next month.

Red's Read: Population Zero - Questionable Census

Red Thomas takes a look at Population Zero. A rough start marred the project's initial release, but Red gives his take on the game and whether or not readers should consider adding the title to their own libraries.

Population Zero Lays Out May 2020 Development Roadmap

A day after the team behind the survival MMO Population Zero addressed concerns over its Early Access launch, the team at Enplex has detailed the first few stages of its roadmap for May 2020.

Population Zero Impressions - Surviving Kepler

Population Zero is an upcoming survival MMO set on a distant planet called Kepler. Garrick taks you hands on to give his initial impressions leading up to the May 5th Early Access launch of the title.

Red's Read: Last Oasis - Quality Craftsmanship

Red Thomas digs into crafting for those looking for a more quality experience in Last Oasis. Red talks about quality, the crafting system, and offers some advice on how to ramp up both production and quality in your own crafting efforts.

Population Zero Video Shows Off Remote World Of Kepler

In a new video, the sci-fi exploration online RPG Population Zero invites players to journey across the remote world of Kepler.

Population Zero Releases New Video Showcasing Its Combat System

Population Zero's development is trucking along, and the team behind the upcoming survival MMO released a new video showcasing its combat.

Red's Read: Last Oasis - Interesting Finish

Red Thomas put Last Oasis on his list of games to watch in 2020. With the game in Early Access, Red gives it a go and reports on his thoughts. Have you been in the mood for an interesting survival game? This could be it, but as always there are also a few caveats.

Last Oasis Preview Impressions

Last week, Last Oasis showed off a bit of their nomadic survival game ahead of its Early Access launch on the 26th. Here are our thoughts from our hands-off presentation.

Last Oasis Hits Early Access March 26th

The nomadic MMO survival game from Donkey Crew, Last Oasis, has an early access release date. Announced via a post on Steam this morning, the MMO will be coming to Early Access at the end of the month - March 26th to be exact.