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Frozen Flame, a Blend of Survival Game and RPG, Opens Early Access

Independent survival RPG Frozen Flame is now out in Early Access. The game, from Dreamside Interactive, seeks to blend RPG storytelling and systems, along with lore , and wraps it up in an intentionally approachable survival game.

Valheim Coming To Game Pass PC, Microsoft Store Later This Month, Still No Release Date On Mistlands

Iron Gate announced today that its popular Viking survival game, Valheim, would be making the jump to Xbox Game Pass PC, as well as become available on the Microsoft Store. While the new way to access Valheim is sure to excite, there is still the matter of the Mistlands themselves, which are not quite ready for release according to a new blog post.

Jagex Making Open World Survival Game in the RuneScape Universe, Announces New Project Hires

Jagex is continuing to expand the RuneScape universe, and has announced several new hires for an upcoming open world survival game set in that universe and built in Unreal 5.

Blizzard is Creating an Original IP Survival Game Set in a New Universe

Blizzard has announced work on an unannounced new survival game with a completely new IP, new universe, and characters.

Arid, A Survival Game Made By University Students, Is Free To Check Out On Steam

In the gaming world where survival games are a dime a dozen, a team of university students has created a new one for players to check out - and it's totally free. Arid, a survival game that plunks you down in the middle of a desert to try to survive, is free to check out on Steam.

Despite Early Stumbles, Fallout 76 Is Now One Of Xbox's Most Played Games Per BGS' Todd Howard

Fallout 76 didn't have the best of launches with the multiplayer game set in the post-apocalytic universe stumbled out of the gate. However, since then as the team has worked on the survival game, it's become one of the most played games on Xbox, according to Todd Howard.

Valheim's Smartest Design Choice Isn't The Survival Elements, It's The Portals

After almost 100 hours in Vaheim, Bradford is reflecting on some of the things he's loved when exploring the 10th world of Yggdrasil. However, the design decision that really keeps him coming back isn't the lax survival elements or the onion layers of complexity in the Viking game. It's the portals.

Valheim Has Now Sold 3 Million Copies In 17 Days

Another day, another milestone for Valheim it seems. The hit survival game set in the 10th World of Yggdrasil has now sold 3 million copies since launching on Steam Early access 17 days ago.

I Can't Stop Playing Valheim

So Bradford might be a tad addicted to Valheim, the new Viking Survival game that is taking Steam by storm right now. Bradford recounts his weekend in the 10th World and how its progressed.

Viking Survival Game Valheim Has Sold One Million Copies In Just One Week Of Early Access

Valheim, the Viking-inspired survival game that moved to Early Access last week, has sold one million copies on Steam since its release. That is, according to the developer, the equivalent of "8,333 Viking-crammed longboats heading to their next conquest!"