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Enshrouded Preview: Keen Games Plans to Redefine Voxel-Based Building in This ARPG Survival Game

The world of Enshrouded is vast, with extensive construction and land modification features that leverage a proprietary engine and voxel technology. Is this your next ARPG Survival MOG?

Frozen Flame Drops New Update With New Biome, Campaign Content

New conent is the lifeblood of any game, especially so for those in Early Access as players are constantly expecting that drip-feed of new things to do. As such, Frozen Flame, which released into Early Access last month, seesa new biome and more story content with the Dragon's Grove update.

Tribes of Midgard Season 3 Impressions

Mitch revisits Tribes of Midgard as season 3 releases. Has it improved since our review last summer? Read our thoughts on Survival 2.0 as well as the improvements made since launch last year.

V Rising Shows Off Combat In New Gameplay Trailer

Open-world Vampire game V Rising is showing off some of the combat players can expect when diving into the world created by Stunlock Studios. The new trailer shows off melee and ranged combat, as well as some of the magic you'll get to use.

Co-Op Survival Game Tribes of Midgard Sells Through More Than 250K Copies In Three Days

Tribes of Midgard, the co-op survival game by Gearbox Publishing and Norsfell Games, launched earlier this week, and since then has sold through over 250K copies, according to the publisher. Additionally, launch day saw the game become the 9th most-viewed game on the platform with nearly 100K concurrent viewers at its peak.

My Original Valheim House Was Destroyed And It Made Me More Upset Than I Realized

Over the last week something sad happened on our Valheim server: Bradford's original house was destroyed. At first he played it off, but as the days have gone on, its made him more and more depressed.

Valheim As An MMO? These Modders Want To Make It Happen

Valheim modders and builders have created some great, crazy things since the Viking-flaired survival game has launched into Early Access earlier this year. However, one team of modders is looking to take it a step further and create a way to turn the survival game into an MMO of sorts.

Multiplayer Sandbox Game Myth Of Empires Is Holding A Global Alpha Test April 15th

Myth of Empires is an in-development multiplayer sandbox game slated to hit early access on Steam. The team announced today that an upcoming global alpha test is being planned for April 15th through April 23rd, inching them closer to that goal.

Valheim's Deathsquitoes Are The Literal Worst

On our journeys around Valheim's world, we've encountered scary beasts, such as the wretched Draugr in the swamp, or the Goblin-like Furlings in the Plains. But nothing could have prepared my group of Vikings for what is becoming Valheim's deadliest denizen: the Deathsquito.

Red's Read On Niche

Red Thomas tries the self-styled "genetics survival game," Niche after his niece calls the game to his attention. Red discusses some of the unique aspects of the game that he found interesting and offers his recommendations on who should consider purchasing it.

Survival Viking Game Valheim Gets A New Trailer

Earlier during the PC Gaming Show, Viking-themed survival game Valheim got a new trailer.

Population Zero's 'Play With Your Friends' Update Live

A new update for Population Zero, called Play with your Friends, is now live allowing you to...play with your friends.

Population Zero Breaks Down PvE and PvP Modes Ahead of Early Access Release

Population Zero is coming down the homestretch as it gears up for its upcoming early access release, and the team is taking some time to explain the PvE and PvP modes in the survival game.

Conan Exiles Testlive Patch Targets Extending the Management System’s Range

The latest Testlive patch for Conan Exiles takes a look at extending the management system’s range and more.

Population Zero Coming to PC In May

Population Zero, the upcoming survival MMO from Enplex Games, have announced that they are bringing their new game to PC this coming May. Hitting digital shelves May 5th, Enplex also announced that the studio has shifted to a buy-to-play model with this release.