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SuperData Says Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Posted Big Numbers in 2020 - But Not Big Enough

This year's busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday weekend, which encompasses Black Friday and ends with Cyber Monday, posted 3.9 Billion in sales worldwide. Unfortunately, that seems to be a 10% decline in year over year sales according to SuperData.

SuperData Posts October Earnings Rankings with Genshin Impact Leading the Pack

In the latest report by SuperData, digital game spending has increased by 14% in October in a year over year comparison. Leading up to the Holiday season, the industry is expected to beat expectations with two new console launches and a slew of high-profile titles hitting the market in November and December.

Ghost of Tsushima is the Fastest Selling New Playstation IP, Per SuperData

It's no surprise that Ghost of Tsushima has been a popular and well received game, but according to SuperData research, it is also the fastest selling new Playstation intellectual property. SuperData also released some other striking details about Pokemon Go in the most recent report.