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Do You Feel Like You Get Good Value Out Of Your MMO Subscription?

Bradford used to be vehemently anti-subscription back in the day - it's what kept him from experiencing some of the older gems of the MMORPG genre. However, as subscriptions are more optional than not nowadays, the question isn't whether or not a subscription should or should not be in place, but whether that sub offers enough value to make it worth while.

Strategies Online Games Use to Keep Players Hooked

In the MMO world, one of the most pressing concerns for many players is the addiction. Nick looks at some of the various ways MMOs, and other gaming genres, use specific strategies to keep players hooked on their game - sometimes to the detriment of their players.

Dual Universe Beta Starts Today

Just a reminder that the Dual Universe beta kicks off today.

Dual Universe to Stop Selling Supporter Packs Ahead of Beta

Ahead of the August 27 beta, Dual Universe will cease selling Supporter packs on August 17.

Dual Universe July 23 Live Stream Will Address Beta Pricing Model

The Dual Universe team will host a live stream on July 23 (tomorrow) where they'll cover off several topics, including beta pricing.