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V Rising Sells Over 500,000 Copies Since Early Access Launch on May 17th

Recently launched into Early Access, Stunlock Studios has announced that V Rising, their new  vampire survival game, has sold over 500,000 copies since that launch on May 17th.

The RPG Files: V Rising Will Bleed Your Free Time

From the studio that brought us the brilliant Bloodline Champions and Battlerite, Stunlock Studios have always been tantalizingly close to creating something truly special. Their latest, V Rising, just hit Early Access, and Lewis is certain it's going to bleed you of your free time.

V Rising Enters Early Access for All Your Vampire Survival Action Needs

Entering early access today is vampire-themed survival game V Rising. Stunlock Studios' dark fantasy title blends vampire and dark lore with survival and PVP and PVE options.

New Castle Building Preview Shows How Your Vampire Becomes a 'Dark Overseer' in V Rising

Vampires need a home base, but that's just the beginning of the importance of building a castle in V Rising. A new dev preview reveals more details.

Vampires Awaken Next Month As V Rising Early Access Begins May 17th

Start as a new vampire and build your castle and your fortunes, as dark fantasy survival game V Rising enters closed beta on May 17th.

V Rising Shows Off Combat In New Gameplay Trailer

Open-world Vampire game V Rising is showing off some of the combat players can expect when diving into the world created by Stunlock Studios. The new trailer shows off melee and ranged combat, as well as some of the magic you'll get to use.

V Rising, Vampire Survival Game, Is Coming To PC With A Beta Slated For This Year

Stunlock Studios revealed their upcoming game, V Rising, will be coming to PC in the form of a beta later this year. The team also took to a new Q&A, shedding some light on their Vampire themed survival game.