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Embers Adrift Community Planning Welcome for New Players in This Weekend's Worldbreaker Stress Test

With Embers Adrift on the verge of opening up the servers for another huge Worldbreaker stress test soon, the community just may turn it into a little bit of a welcome party.

Embers Adrift's Latest Video Tells You What You Need to Know in 60 Seconds

If you haven't heard of Embers Adrift yet, then it seems like today may be your lucky day. The team at Stormhaven Studios has released a one-minute video that explains everything you need to know about the indie title that is set to release later this year.

Embers Adrift Offers a Look At Several Major Changes Since Beta Began, From Reworks to New Skybox

Beta began for Embers Adrift in March, and there's a new update video showing a series of major changes since beta began.

Interview: Embers Adrift Producer Talks Studio, Rebranding, And Building An MMO As An Indie

Embers Adrift recently lifted the NDA on their upcoming MMO with its transition to beta. While the studio has gone through several high-profile phases during its life, including the departure of one of its founders and a complete rebrand of the MMO, development keeps trucking along. We sat down with Stormhaven Studios to talk about the studio, the game itself, as well as some of the fallout from last year's news surrounding the rebrand.

What Happened with Embers Adrift in February? Here's the State of the Game Recap

It's no surprise that Stormhaven Studios has been much more active lately when it comes to showing off their prize indie title. With Embers Adrift emerging from its Alpha cocoon into Beta testing this month, the team provided a short list of achievements that they accomplished in February in preparation for the Beta release.

Embers Adrift Details What's in the Beta in Latest Video

Now that Embers Adrift has transitioned to their beta, Stormhaven Studios wants players to know what they can expect when they hop into the game. In a 9-minute video presented by Embers Adrifts' Community Manager Elloa, depicts the various features that players will be able to test, which includes character creation, early combat and more!

Embers Adrift Enters Beta Today As Alpha NDA Drops

Embers Adrift alpha testers can finally talk about their experience in the MMO as the NDA dropped today alongside the indie game moving into its beta testing phase.

Embers Adrift Is Dropping Its NDA March 1st, Announces How Its Beta Testing Will Work Ahead of 2022 Release

PvE MMORPG Embers Adrift is gearing up for its beta testing phase ahead of its planned 2022 release date, and one major way is finally pulling back the Alpha NDA later this year.

Embers Adrift Posts December State of the Game - Outlines Combat and Animation Improvements

Executive producer of Embers Adrift John Gust took to the forums to post the latest State of the Game, which talks about all of the progress made in December. The month of December was huge for the team at Stormhaven Studios as an increased testing schedule, changes to combat, and much more took shape, and culminated in the release of their first official game trailer January 1st.

Embers Adrift First Trailer Introduces The World and Emphasizes Player-Driven Exploration

Embers Adrift's first trailer shows the world and creatures, but focuses on mystery and player-driven exploration and discovery.

New Video Series 'Around the Emberring' Features Embers Adrift Devs on Goals and Vision for the Sandbox MMORPG

Embers Adrift is heading towards its planned 2022 release and now there's a new dev video series, Around the Emberring, with an intro to and look behind the goals and vision for the game.

Embers Adrift Readies its First Trailer and Has a Brand New Sneak Peek

Embers Adrift, the independent MMORPG from Stormhaven Studios has released another sneak peek of its first trailer, coming soon.

Embers Adrift Extends Test Dates - Plans Trailer for New Year's Day

Executive Producer of Embers Adrift, Jonathon Gust, released a statement that details some exciting news for the small, 11-developer studio, Stormhaven. If you've been itching to see what has been going on in Embers Adrift, you need not wait much longer, as a trailer is set to drop on their new YouTube channel on January 1st, 2022.

Stormhaven Studios Announces Upcoming Weekend Tests - Preorders Now Available

Callooh Callay! Embers Adrift has opened their store once again, allowing new testers into the fray - provided they purchase access at the minimum level as an Alpha Backer. Stormhaven Studios is gearing up for more testing, but the team wants to temper some expectations with an official statement of what players should expect from the upcoming testing phase.

Ember's Adrift Talks Quality of Life Improvements, Sets Up Final Alpha Stage

Ember's Adrift, which you'll recall is the new name for the previously titled Saga of Lucimia, recently took to their forums to talk about their upcoming changes alpha players will see the next time they hop into the world. Additionally, the team at Stormhaven is setting the stage for what it calls its final alpha stage, stating that alpha packages will be on sale again here soon.