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Embers Adrift Adds Mail System, Five New Quests, and Map and Essence Features

The  Embers Adrift team is sharing the latest state of the game, along with this week's new content, including quests, map features, and the mail system.

Embers Adrift Will Not Move Ahead With Content Compression After Feedback

The Embers Adrift talks community feedback and the decision to not go ahead with the content compression proposal they added for community QA testing.

Embers Adrift Considers Progression Curve Change, Puts it on the QA Build to Test out

Embers Adrift is working on some potential shifts that could help improve the player experience, make grouping easier, and make the availability of content and something to do more consistent.

Embers Adrift Is Actually Getting A PvP Proving Grounds After April Fool's Tease

While Embers Adrift poked fun at itself on April Fool's Day, one tidbit in its gag apparently is real: the PvP Proving Grounds.

Embers Adrift Adds Five New Solo Ember Vein Loops, Player Inspection, and Improved Bounties

Embers Adrift has added several more new solo Ember Vein Loops, player inspection, and a series of quality of life updates, including more custom LFG/LFM entries, and improved bounties.

Embers Adrift Free Trial Opens March 1st, Team Adds New Ember Vein Solo Loop, Makes Itemization Clearer

Embers Adrift is setting up its free trial with the latest update, which also adds a number of technical and quality of life improvements, and adds a new Ember Vein loop option, itemization system overhaul, and new behavioral stat indicators.

Embers Adrift Unveils New Roadmap, Will Offer Full First Zone Free Trial

Embers Adrift has begun 2024 with some recent additions, like the new bulletin board system that launched this week. The Stormhaven Studios team has released a big roadmap for the game, and announced a new free trial is on the way. 

Embers Adrift Closes 2023 With New High-Level Content, Balance Changes, and Promised Big Changes

Embers Adrift is closing out the year with a brand new update that adds Shrieking Barrows, a new higher-level Ember Vein. Stormhaven Studios also added a new quest, several balance changes, and improvements.

Embers Adrift Adds New High-Level Content, New Zone, New Factions, Loot, and More

 The Embers Adrift team reflects on new high-level content, and more to come as the team prepares to close 2023 in the newest State of the Game devblog.

Embers Adrift Adds Alchemy System, New Customization Options, and an Updated Roadmap Looking Ahead

Embers Adrift added Alchemy with the latest update, letting you use Ember to empower your combat skills in new ways. The update also added new customization options, including new hair, and an updated roadmap..

Embers Adrift Reflects on First Year, Anniversary Celebrations, and What Stormhaven is Doing Next

Embers Adrift has a new "State of the Game" report to reflect on the game's first year. The first anniversary event will begin in just a few days, and you can even join for free and reach level 20 before Halloween to unlock a brand new system.

Embers Adrift Reviews Host of Player Experience Changes and Improvements This Month, Including Fast Travel

Embers Adrift has a recap of what the Stormhaven team has added and patched in September.  The monthly update includes a series of changes, new features, technical improvements, and additional content.

Embers Adrift Improves Combat Feel, Adds Hunting Log and Perks, Quests, and Visual Updates to Ember Veins

Embers Adrift has made some changes to combat to improve the player experience, adding some new content in the process. The team also released a number of improvements and bug fixes in the latest patch.

Embers Adrift State of the Game Reflects on Buy to Play Switch, New Content Updates, and Improvements

The Embers Adrift team has released a new "State of the Game" update blog, with reflections on the switch to a buy to play model, recent updates, and new stuff, including updatesto the King's Keep.

Embers Adrift Is Officially Buy To Play Today, Releases New Highland Hills Region

Embers Adrift is now officially buy to play after the team dropped its mandatory subscription model today. This will hopefully bolster the MMO's community, especially as the team at Stormhaven are still adding new regions and features to the indie MMO every month.