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Star Trek Online's Fall of the Old Ones Is The MMO's First Halloween Event, Runs For Three Weeks

Star Trek Online is hosting a Halloween event for the first time ever this year, with players able to take part in the three-week-long Fall of the Old Ones event. The event itself centers around the alien races: the Old Ones and the Devidians and will see players help protect the Milky Way from the latter.

Recent Star Trek Online Patch Brought Several Adjustments

A recent Star Trek Online patch for PC and console addressed some general issues, in addition to bringing about several adjustments for both platforms.

Star Trek Online All-Day 'Day of Honor' Stream Scheduled for July 11

A "Day of Honor" is scheduled for July 11 at 3:15p PT for Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online Shares Details on Ba'ul Sentry Ship

The Ba'ul Sentry ship gets its due in Star Trek Online, and here's what you need to know about it.

Star Trek Online Patch Notes Adjust Prices of Tier 1-4 Starships

The latest PC patch notes for Star Trek Online are now live.