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Sky: Children of the Light Arrives on PC via  Steam Early Access Today

Sky: Children of the Light is finally making its way to PC today via Steam Early Access. Developer thatgamecompany is releasing the full free to play game this way in order to keep adding PC features and polish.

Abyss Online Opens Steam Testing Ahead of Early Access Launch

Abyss Online has opened up Steam test access to players in anticipation of its main Early Access release on April 18th.

Palia Hits 3 Million Players Across Platforms So Far, With Steam Launch on the Way

Singularity 6 has revealed that, ahead of its Steam launch, the total number of players across all platforms so far has reached three million. 

Wizard101 is Now Available on Steam in Europe

Magical family-friendly MMORPG Wizard101 has made its way onto Steam in all European countries. This brings the long running MMO to a larger global audience, in new supported languages.

Palia is Coming to Steam on March 25th, With Cross-Play and Cross-Progression

Palia is about to make its debut on another platform, with Singularity 6 announcing the game's arrival on Steam

Seekers of Skyveil To Move Entirely To Steam And Remove NDA

Seekers of Skyveil announced this week via its Discord that it'll be moving from an independent launcher to Steam--and it's eager to bring its entire player base along. 

WWII MMO Enlisted is Coming To Steam Under New Name

Looks like Gaijiin Entertainment is bringing its World War 2-themed MMOFPS to Steam, as Enlisted becomes Enlisted: Reinforced this year.

Wage War and Support a Stronghold in Indie MMO Grudge

Indie MMO Grudge is an interesting open-world survival-craft MMO that features intense combat, base building and more, and it just hit Steam.

Mad World Age of Darkness Will Finally Release On Steam Next Month

Mad World Age of Darkness is finally making its way to Steam, and with it comes a few new surprises for players to enjoy as they celebrate the new platform release. 

You Can Now See Exactly How Many Hours You Spent On Steam This Year With Its Year In Review Feature

For those who have ever wondered what they have accomplished in the Steam gaming world, players are now able to get the rundown on their achievements, hours played, and much more using the Steam's Year in Review feature. 

ARK: Survival Ascended Performance Issues Lead To Review Bombing As Studio Wildcard Furiously Deploys Hotfixes

ARK: Survival Ascended developer Studio Wildcard probably hoped for a better reception when it stealth-launched last week. Since hitting Steam, players have complained of performance issues and more in the wake of the release, leading to Steam review bombing. Meanwhile, the developer has been deploying hotfixes to stabilize things.

A Look at October 2023's Marvel SNAP Bloodstone Season Pass

Every month, Marvel SNAP fans are treated to a new season pass, relevant rewards, and an all-around theme to every nook and cranny of the fantastically addicting mobile trading card game. For October, they had no choice but to keep it spooky with the Bloodstone event.

Diablo 4 Preview Season of Blood, Blizzard Announces Steam Release Coming on October 17th

 Diablo 4 pulled back the curtain on the vampiric scourge that will descend upon Sanctuary on October 17th in Season 2. Blizzard will also release Diablo 4 on Steam the same day.

Blizzard Bringing Some Games to Steam, With Overwatch 2 First Up on August 10th

Blizzard has announced that some of their games will be coming to Steam, with the first, Overwatch 2, launching on August 10th. 

5 RPGs You Should Wishlist from Steam's Next Fest | One Good Roll

Although Steam's Next Fest is starting to wind down, you can start to hear the faint whistle of the hype train as it starts to gain speed. Here's 5 RPGs from Next Fest you need on your Wishlist!