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Embers Adrift Posts December State of the Game - Outlines Combat and Animation Improvements

Executive producer of Embers Adrift John Gust took to the forums to post the latest State of the Game, which talks about all of the progress made in December. The month of December was huge for the team at Stormhaven Studios as an increased testing schedule, changes to combat, and much more took shape, and culminated in the release of their first official game trailer January 1st.

Embers Adrift's State of the Game Newsletter Talks Rebranding, the Environment, and Crafting

Embers Adrift has gone through some changes over the last year. By now, those that have followed Saga of Lucimia probably know that the game went through a rebranding, and is now called Ember's Adrift. In the latest State of the Game developer Stormhaven Studios explains what the rebranding means, and walks through the advancements they've made in development this year.

Magic: Legends Released Its Mid-April Update And Takes Stock Of The State Of The Open Beta

Magic: Legends released their large mid-April update this week, bringing over 500 fixes to the ARPG since it launched in Open Beta last month. Executive Producer Steven Ricossa took to the blog to talk about what is still coming for the ARPG in the future, including more performance fixes.

Marvel's Avengers Posts State of the Game Blog - Offers Freebies to Show Appreciation

Crystal Dynamics has released their State of the Game for Marvel's Avengers that they had mentioned was on the way, and would answer a lot of questions players have had over the direction the game is headed in. Championed by Scott Amos, the Crystal Dynamics Studio Head, the blog also goes over many "areas of impact" - essentially issues the game has had that Crystal Dynamics has been working to improve.

Torchlight III State of the Game Highlights UI Scale, Widescreen, and More

A recent State of the Game for Torchlight III touched on UI scaling, widescreen, and more.

Pantheon - What You Need to Know from July 30ths State of the Game

On July 30th, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen developer Visionary Realms put together a comprehensive State of the Game as they head into Pre-Alpha 5. The hour-long session covered a ton of topics, from when the game will be streamable, to the status of where particular game features are in their development cycle. If you haven't had the opportunity to partake in the State of the Game, fear not, as we have distilled and summarized a good portion of it for your reading pleasure.