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Indie MMO Spotlight: Patch Notes, Puns, And DREAD

This week, we have our biggest lineup ever, with 32 MMOs finding their way into this week's column.

Preview: Starkeepers Aims To 'Push The Boundaries' Of The Traditional MMO Framework

Developer Wolfpack Games announced their upcoming MMO, Starkeepers, yesterday during the IGN Game Expo. Earlier in the week, we had the chance to check out an early build in a hands-off demo with the developers.

Starkeepers, A New MMORPG, Blends Sci-Fi And Cosmic Elements With Viking-Inspired Animal Characters

Starkeepers, a new sci-fi MMO survival  game blend. Developed by Wolfpack Games, Starkeepers features a race of Viking-inspired anthropomorphic animals, like seals and wolves rendered in a blocky low-poly style.