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Star Wars Galaxies Restoration Private Server Celebrates 2 Years, Looks Ahead Towards The Jedi

Star Wars Galaxies lives on through the many private emulated servers that exist out there, and one of the bigger ones, Restoration, is celebrating 2 years in operation.

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration Will Release 1.0 on September 17th, With Further Plans Outlined

On September 17th, Star Wars Galaxies Restoration will officially come out of Early Access and launch 1.0. The team also outlined upcoming release plans.

What Game Features Do MMORPGs Need to Foster Better Player Relationships? | One Good Roll

If you had to make some changes to MMORPGs of today, what features would you add to create a game where players would want to build lasting relationships with each other?

Is There A Shuttered MMO You'd Like To Bring Back As A Remake?

We see emulated servers bring back old MMOs as they stood when they were active all the time. Yet these time capsules bringing old games to life may not necessarily attract new players to discover what made them so great. Is there an old, shuttered MMORPG that you'd love to see be brought back to life, but not as a revived version of the old, but a remade version anew?

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III Marks Successful 2021 Launch With 2022 Roadmap Towards Final Version

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III, a volunteer, fan-made version, is marking its successful 2021 launch with a roadmap on what to expect this year.

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends Holds a Community Memorial Today, the Fifth Anniversary of Carrie Fisher's Passing

Today is the fifth anniversary of the passing of actress Carrie Fisher, who died in 2016. Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is holding their annual remembrance event. Gather with the community to pay tribute and share memories.

SWG Legends Posts Huge September Newsletter: Talks Upcoming Star Viper Content

SWG: Legends has kept the Star Wars Galaxies dream alive and kicking with consistent updates and an active community. In the latest newsletter, the development team answers plenty of player questions, puts to rest support for the visual ILM mod, and teases some upcoming content.

MMO Reroll: The Private Servers

Mitch takes a different approach with this month's MMO ReRoll, looking at the private servers that allow players to experience the MMOs of yesteryear.

All Together Now - Promoting Group In MMOs

Niklas dives into the idea of grouping and how integral it is to online world design in MMOs, looking back on the genre's history, as well as some of the games that are defining its future.

Do You Think More MMOs Should Have Equipment Decay?

MMOs have item degredation, but you're never really at risk of losing the item itself when it runs out of durability. However, should MMOs reintroduce this mechanic in a way to add to the gameplay?

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration 3 Server Launches Today, Addresses 'Systemic Problems' From Live Game

Star Wars Galaxies' Restoration 3 server goes live today, and with it another way to relive the venerable MMO thanks to the work of its emulation community.

SWG: Legends Bespin Expansion Launches Today

May the Fourth be with you because tomorrow will be the Revenge of the Fifth (sorry, not sorry.) Brian-puns aside, yes, today is May the fourth. This means the long-awaited Bespin expansion for SWG Legends is due to release today.

Is There An MMO You Wish You Played Before It Was Shut Down?

Over the course of the past two decades, many MMORPGs have come and gone. However, a few stick out as must plays for the genre, at least in the community. Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to play every major game to grace the annals of the MMORPG genre, especially those games that have shut down over the years. Is there an MMO you wish you played before it was shut down?

Star Wars Galaxies Legends Project Admin Announces Project Departure

In a new letter on their forums, RoarAsh, the Project Admin for Star Wars Galaxies Legends, has announced that he is departing the project.

Four New And Classic MMOs For Those Who Just Can't Take Another Swing

People flock to MMORPGs for all sorts of reasons; fame and fortune, exploration, beating up big-ass monsters, or just to socialize. Our favorite pastime can offer something of an escape to those from any walk of life, but rarely do developers take into account those who really do just want to relax and be there for other players rather than buff up their muscles and take on giants in mortal combat.