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Combat Styles Coming To Star Wars The Old Republic

Combat styles are coming with its upcoming content update, Legacy of the Sith, bringing a new way for Star Wars The Old Republic players to further customize and role-play their characters in the BioWare MMORPG.

Legacy of the Sith is SWTOR's Next Expansion and It's Out This Holiday

Star Wars The Old Republic is getting another expansion in Legacy of the Sith headed to the MMORPG this holiday. This expansion will also begin SWTOR's 10th anniversary celebration set to run through 2022.

Todd Howard: Starfield is 'Like Skyrim in Space'

We've got more information on Starfield, the upcoming RPG from Skyrim developers Bethesda Game Studios, where Executive Producer Todd Howard called it "'Skyrim' in space."

SWG: Legends Bespin Expansion Launches Today

May the Fourth be with you because tomorrow will be the Revenge of the Fifth (sorry, not sorry.) Brian-puns aside, yes, today is May the fourth. This means the long-awaited Bespin expansion for SWG Legends is due to release today.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 6.3, The Dark Descent, Live Today

The Dark Descent, aka Game Update 6.3, available today for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This update brings the first of the Galactic Seasons, which is basically the battle pass, and brings daily weekly objectives to complete for rewards.

These Are Your February Events for Star Wars The Old Republic

In-game events for Star Wars: The Old Republic have been announced. Here's what you can expect when dive in.

Is a New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game in the Works?

Is there a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game in the works? According to several sources, this may be the case.

Star Wars Galaxies Legends Project Admin Announces Project Departure

In a new letter on their forums, RoarAsh, the Project Admin for Star Wars Galaxies Legends, has announced that he is departing the project.

Lucasfilm Games Is Back - MMORPG's Quick 5

Welcome to this week's installment of MMORPG.com's Quick 5. This week we've seen a return of one of gaming's legacy developers, delays for MMO reveals and "road maps."

Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Announce a New Story-Driven Open-World Star Wars Game

It looks like Lucasfilm and Ubisoft are teaming up for a Star Wars game much in the way that Bethesda did for their upcoming Indiana Jones game. The developer, Massive, known for games like The Division 2 and Far Cry 3, will be taking the helm at crafting an open-world title in the Star Wars universe.

SWTOR Community Reflects on 9 Year Anniversary

It's been nine years since Star Wars The Old Republic graced our PCs. The community team has reflected on this anniversary in a new forum post.

SWTOR Outlines Upcoming Changes to Login Reward Stims

A new post on the Star Wars The Old Republic forums points to adjustments coming to login reward stims.

SWTOR Outlines New Login Rewards and Emote Window Arriving in Update 6.2

Game Update 6.2 is hitting Star War The Old Republic soon and will bring new login rewards and an emote window.

Here Are Your December Events for Star Wars The Old Republic

The December events for Star Wars The Old Republic have been announced. Here's what's in store.

Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint Available on Star Wars The Old Republic PTS

The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint is available on the PTS for Star Wars The Old Republic this week, plus new login rewards and more.