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Mortal Online 2 Update Shows Several Coats of Polish on the Road to Launch

Mortal Online 2's delayed launch came with a promise to really use the extra time to polish up the game for launch. If the latest patch is any indication, they're doing just that.

Mortal Online 2 Pushed Back to January 2022, Early Access Canceled

Mortal Online 2 will now be released in January, and the dev team promises more work going into the game during the extra months will be worth it.

Mortal Online 2 - After 40k Beta Testers, Final Stress Test Coming

The Mortal Online 2 beta has had 40,000 testers, but Star Vault is asking for more to really put things to the test in Nave before the planned launch on October 26th. The final stress test will be open from September 6-12th.

Mortal Online 2 Boasts Improved AI and 'Tier 2 Encounters' in Patch

As development of Mortal Online 2 continues, Star Vault AB is committed to polishing the game, and delivering on their hopes to provide challenging encounters to their player base. In Beta Patch, the first 'Tier 2' encounter will be available for testing.

Mortal Online 2 Gives Update on Stress Testing

The stress test for Mortal Online 2 has been trucking along for 6 days. CEO of Star Vault Henrik Nyström took to the discord to explain what's been going on with the systems and the improvements headed to the game for early access.

Mortal Online II Updates Their Roadmap - Public Stress Test Planned for March 25th

In the latest roadmap to Mortal Online II, Star Vault gives a big picture breakdown of what is planned for the game in March, including mounts, new weapons and armor, and a free Public Stress test.

Mortal Online II Releases Latest Beta Patch Notes

In the latest beta patch notes for Mortal Online II, Star Vault updates their engine, added plenty of QoL features, and fixed DLSS. However, the team has acknowledged an excessive number of crashes due to the engine upgrade.

Mortal Online 2 Posts a Developer Stream and 'The Great Hunt' Event

Today starting at 1:00 EST, players can come join the developers as they show off the new update The Great Hunt for Mortal Online 2. Players will get to participate in the Great Hunt Competition which will begin today and run for several hours. The reward for competing and ranking in the top three are Alpha Keys.