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Mortal Online 2 PTR Coming Tomorrow, With New Player Experience Overhaul, Fishing and Foraging Tasks, and More

Mortal Online 2 is opening up a new PTR tomorrow to test out the next sprint patch. This one will overhaul the new player experience, add new tasks-foraging and fishing-and related changes.

Mortal Online 2 Sprint 2 PTR is Out, With Second Character Slot, and New Siege Rules to Encourage Participation

Mortal Online 2's second Sprint patch PTR is now open, with second character slot, major siege changes to encourage participation via new rules, new mounts, and more.

Mortal Online 2 Opens New PTR With Combat Updates, Mount Overhaul, Ramped Up Gore, and Bear Mounts

Today, the Mortal Online 2 PTR opens for the latest update, with combat updates, balance changes, ramped up gore, and addition of bear mounts.

Mortal Online 2 Reveals Community Roadmap Poll Results, Adds New Dungeon and Player Experience Improvements

Mortal Online 2 has just added a new dungeon to Myrland, fixed a number of bugs, and improved combat. The team has also announced the results of a community poll on what items on the roadmap they should prioritize.

Grab Raffle Bags From a Burning House for Mortal Online 2's Holiday Gift Event, Alongside a New Patch

 Several weeks after the huge update to Unreal Engine 5, Mortal Online 2 is closing out 2023 with a new patch and a holiday event, along with participation in holiday sales.

Mortal Online 2's Massive Unreal Engine 5 Update is Here, Along With New High Risk, High Reward Zones

Mortal Online 2 is now running on Unreal Engine 5 and has ushered in its version 2.0.0. The upgrade isn't just visual, as the team had to rebuild and repair the game world during the process, but the team is optimistic.

Mortal Online 2 Unreal Engine 5 Patch Coming Tomorrow, With Preview Stream and Q&A Today

Mortal Online 2's big Unreal Engine 5 update will finally be here tomorrow, and Star Vault is preparing for the game's biggest update ever.

Mortal Online 2 Opens 4th PTR, Tests Optimizations in Battle, Ahead of Next Week's Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade

Mortal Online 2  has opened up its 4th PTR ahead of the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade set for next week. 

Mortal Online 2 Opening New PTR Test on Friday for Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade

On Friday, Star Vault is opening up a new PTR for Mortal Online 2's Unreal Engine 5 upgrade. This round of testing will focus on performance and getting things ready for the release of the brand new upgrade on November 28th.

Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade For Mortal Online 2 PTR Closes and Star Vault Seeks Contributions for a Trailer

Mortal Online 2 is fast approaching the release of its Unreal Engine 5 upgrade. The PTR for the overhaul closed today, and Star Vault is enlisting the community to help make a trailer for the final release.

Mortal Online 2 Territory Control Update is Here, a 'Monumental Shift'

After extended testing, the Territory Control update is here for Mortal Online 2. Not only can you build, upgrad, and expand structures and territory holds, but there are a slew of siege mechanics, and 20 new elementalism spells.

Mortal Online 2 Opens Final Territory Control PTR Today

The final PTR before the big Territory Control update arrives starts today in Mortal Online 2. Star Vault has adjusted a few systems, spells, fixed bugs, and optimized servers to prepare.

Mortal Online 2's Latest Livestream Details Upcoming Stress Test and Content Sneak Peeks

In the latest livestream of Mortal Online 2, Star Vault has shared some details about the upcoming updates to the game.

Second Territory Control Public Test Opening Tomorrow For Mortal Online 2

Star Vault will hold a new PTR round for Mortal Online 2's territory control update starting tomorrow. In addition to new TC features, they'll also add two new Elementalism spells for testing.

Mortal Online 2's Latest Developer Stream Details Siege Mechanics and Addresses Console Version

On the latest Mortal Online 2 Developer Stream, Henrik Nystrom, CEO and Lead Designer at Star Vault, delved into many of the mechanics of territory control and siege warfare in the game.